• CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 9

    January 3, 2019 by CelticStar87

    -Island of Fire and Cold-

    “Celty, how long are we going to be in here?” Heat asked. They’d been in the cave for about six months.

    “I’m not sure, Heat. We have to stay here until Grandma comes and says it’s safe.” Celtic smiled at him.

    “Do you think Nate and Bane are alright?” Frost asked after a while. Celtic thought for a moment.

    “I’m sure they are.” Celtic tried to reassure the boys as well as herself. She didn’t know how much longer they would have to stay in the cave, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or scary. The dragons made sure they were safe, they played with the babies, and learned all kinds of things. They were already being homeschooled, so this wasn’t much different to their life before.

    “I hope we can go home soon.” Heat said one day. …

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 8

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    The morning came earlier than anyone really wanted. The six ate breakfast in silence; five were still half asleep and Abigail was making a mental list of things she needed to pack for the kids. The plan was to gather everything today and spend the rest of the day with Nate and Bane. Tomorrow they would say goodbye to Nate and Bane near the entrance to the forest where the Blue Fire and Frostfire dragons would be waiting in the shadows. After saying goodbye, the dragons would lead Celtic and the twins into the forest at the same time Bane and Nate took off. That way anyone who would happen to see them would think that all five went to the Main Island.

    “Let’s go pack.” Celtic helped Frost and Heat pack a small bag before packing her own. They…

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    Back In Time: Part 7

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “Celtic!” Nate took off after her. He found her surrounded by dragons. They were encircling her as though they were protecting her from someone or something. He ran into the circle and pulled his sister into him. “Are you okay?”

    “Yes. I was running towards the forest when the dragons suddenly appeared. They formed the circle around me. I don’t know what’s going on.” She clung to her brother. “Can we go home now?”

    “Absolutely.” They made their way back to the cottage; the dragons never broker their circle.

    “Sorry.” Celtic sheepishly hugged her grandmother when they were safely inside.

    “There’s no need to be sorry, just don’t run away like that again.” Abigail squeezed her granddaughter tight. “Let’s get cleaned up for supper.” Celtic went to wa…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 6

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “He seems like another brother. I think he used to look out for me when I was younger – before he left for the Main Island.” She answered. She closed her eyes and let go of the worries she had been building up since her parents’ death.

    “What makes you say that?” Nate asked. He knew Bane had, but thought that Celtic hadn’t noticed.

    “It’s hard to explain. He has a familiar presence – a presence that had always made me feel safe. I don’t remember ever actually seeing him, but I definitely remember feeling him around.” She shook her head, knowing she wasn’t making any sense.

    “That kind of makes sense actually.” He thought about it. He’d sensed the same kind of presence when he first met Bane.

    “It does?” She was confused.

    “I felt the same kind of th…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 5

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    “Where did you get this?” The grandmother recognized the locket but hadn’t realized there were pictures inside.

    “Momma gave it to me before she died. I know one picture is me, but I don’t know who the other child is.” Celtic looked at her grandmother.

    “Yes, that is Nate.” Abigail sighed. “No one can know who he is to you; it’s not safe for either of you.” Celtic nodded. She knew there had to be a big reason for her parents to give up a child but still, secretly, keep a picture of him.

    “He looks like daddy.” Celtic put the locket back around her neck.

    “Yes, he does.” Abigail looked up at Nate as he and Bane walked back into the room.

    “She knows?” Nate asked. A little relieved.

    “All four of us do, but not a word to anyone else. I’ve decided to sen…

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