I have been playing DragonVale since September 2011. I have seen many friends come and go, and I have unfriended most people when they've stopped playing for great lengths of time. There also came a point when I stopped accepting friend requests from people I didn't know. With the introduction of Co-Op breeding (and ridiculously difficult breeding odds) things have changed. Below you will find my Game ID Name.

I will try to be as accommodating as possible. Shoot me a message on my wall and I will try to meet your request as soon as I possibly can. Each dragon will probably be up for at least a week, some have more precedence than others. My park has most dragons, just the most recent limiteds are missing. Below is a table of my dragons but it is not currently up to date (I will update as soon as I get time to do so). Also, if you add me, leave your ID on my wall, preferably all on one thread and I will add you as soon as I can. This is more for Co-Op breeding purposes more so than gifting gems and/or treats. I have my select friends that I gift to daily and sometimes I try to do gift for gift with remaining gems/treats.

Game ID Name:


Limited Dragons by Parks
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