Prologue Going Forward
The Truth About Nate His Revelations
Young Celtic All About Trust
Celtic and Nate Heartbreak
Flying With Dragons Trust Issues
A Reunion Remembered Memories
A Dinner Guest Epilogue

-Island of Fire and Cold-

“Who said I wanted my job back?” Heat said. They had explained what happened with Andy over dinner.

“I don’t understand why he reacted that way.” Celtic said with a sigh. Frost cleared the table and looked at his brother.

“So what are you going to do?” Frost asked his twin. He hoped that Heat would decide to stay but wouldn’t be too disappointed if he decided to leave again.

“I think I’ll stick around. At least for now and see how things go.” Heat playfully punched his brother in the arm. They joked around for a little while when they heard Arbor roar. Celtic ran outside; she recognized that roar before anyone else did.

“Arbor? Where’s Bane?” Panic started to set in when she noticed that her husband wasn’t with his dragon.

“Don’t worry. Bane’s safe of the Seasonal Island.” Irish joined them. Bane didn’t usually travel with the Blue Moon dragon unless it was official Kingdom business. Celtic was the same with Sonnet. She breathed a sigh of relief at the dragon’s words.

“Something had to have happened for Arbor to come here though.” Nate stood next to Celtic.

“It seems as though Andy paid him a visit.” Irish relayed Arbor’s message. Most dragons couldn’t talk to humans, but Sonnet and Irish could. They would often use telepathy to relay messages between dragons and humans. Irish snarled a little.

“What?” Celtic looked between the two dragons.

“It seems Andy bunched Bane in the face.” Irish looked at Celtic.

“What?!” Celtic looked between the two dragons. “Is he alright?”

“He seemed to be. Andy punched him before chewing him out about something.” Irish said.

“What the heck has gotten into him?” Frost asked the rhetorical question.

“Nate, will you…” Celtic started.

“I’ll check on Bane and make sure everything is alright.” He said before she finished. He emphasized “everything”. Celtic nodded. “Come on, Iridium.” They took off with Arbor.

“I will go too after I speak with Sonnet.” Irish headed over to the Dream dragon. “Celty, where are you going?” Heat asked.

“Robo sent over a very special dragon earlier. She’s in the play area with the other babies. I figured I would check on her.” “Has he mentioned how the breeding is going?” Frost asked as he walked with her.

“He seems to be happy with how things are going. He’s been discovering quite a few new breeds lately.” She answered. She listed a few of the new breeds as they neared the dragon play area. “He dropped this little one of this morning right after Bane left.” She picked up a white dragon that had a horn and rainbow wings.

“What is it?” Frost asked as he petted the baby dragon on the head.

“A Chromacorn. She’s a Rainbow element but also a Rift dragon.” Celtic and Bane had taken a couple of trips to the Rift since its discovery but hadn’t been able to spend much time there.

“How’s Rift breeding going? Is Robo still traveling between worlds for breeding?” Frost asked as Heat joined them.

“Between him and Argyros. They take turns. It give Argyros a chance to learn more about the Rift and how it works.” Celtic placed the Chromacorn back into the play area.

“Enchantress, I will head to the Seasonal Island to check on your Guardian. We will return in a few days. There is something Sonnet and I must reveal.” Irish and Sonnet approached the three.

“I will go and speak with Eos and Astraeus in the meantime.” Sonnet said. “We will leave in the morning.”

“What’s going on?” Celtic asked.

“I need to confirm a few things with Eos and Astraeus before I can say anything.” Sonnet nuzzled Celtic. “Do not worry, Enchantress, everything is good.”

-the Seasonal Island-

“Nate, what are you doing here?” Bane asked when he saw Iridium land. He noticed Arbor was with him.

“Arbor told us what happened – through Irish, that is.” Nate walked up to his friend. “Geez! Are you okay?” He noticed the black eye starting to form.

“I’m fine.” Bane shook his head. “You didn’t need to come.”

“It was either Celtic or me.” Nate said as they headed into Bane’s old cottage. “Where’s Zarzara?”

“She’s getting the dragons settled for the night. She’s been sleeping with the baby dragons to help them adjust.” Bane replied.

“What exactly happened?” They sat down in the living room.

“Andy punched me in the face and then chewed me out for all the gossip that’s been going around.” He sighed. “I don’t like that people are talking about my wife in that way any more than he does, but I trust her and you. Celtic and I didn’t go through all that stuff just to have rumors tear us apart.” “We’re all a little confused as to why Andy acted the way he did. At least Heat is sticking around – at least I think he is.”

“Maybe we need to do something publically…” Bane thought for a moment.

“Like what?” Nate looked at his friend. “What about a wedding ceremony?”

“That could work.” He kind of liked that idea. Their wedding hadn’t been big or fancy so maybe a big, public ceremony was just the thing to quell these rumors.

“And then you two can finally take a honeymoon.” Nate added.

“I don’t think…” Bane started.

“Both are excellent ideas.” Irish popped her head in through the open window.

“Irish, what are you doing here?” Bane looked at the Blue Moon dragon.

“Checking on you, but also there is something Sonnet and I need to tell you.” Irish answered. “Sonnet will be here in the morning. She had to speak with Eos and Astraeus first. The big news will be revealed once we return to the Island of Fire and Cold.”

“Is there anything wrong?” Bane asked, panic setting in a little bit.

“Nothing is wrong. Sonnet wants to make sure that now is the right time to reveal some truth about your pasts.” Irish replied. “There are things that you do not remember because it was safer that you forgot. We must make sure it is the right time to reveal these truths to you five.”

“Five?” Nate asked.

“Nate, Bane, Celtic, Heat, and Frost.” Irish answered. “I think we all need to get some sleep.”

“Agreed.” Bane said. He wondered if he would be able to sleep though. His mind wandered as he wondered about what this “truth” was but he finally found sleep.

-the Island of Fire and Cold-

It had been a couple of days since Andy’s outburst, but life on the Island went on as usual. Celtic tried to keep her mind off what had happened by taking care of the Fire and Cold hybrids along with the new baby dragons that Robo was bringing over.

“I forgot had much work this was, but also how much fun it was.” Heat told his twin as they approached the baby dragon play area where Celtic was.

“Hey, Frost, Robo dropped off a couple new babies for you.” Celtic called out as she noticed the boys approaching. “He said there may be a couple of new Fire element dragons as well soon.”

“Babies are a handful.” Frost chuckled as a Ghostly Cold dragon came up to him. “What is this?”

“It looks like a Cold dragon but not…” Heat said.

“Robo said it was a ‘Ghostly Cold’. They’ve discovered some decorations that can evolve some dragons into other dragons. I’m not sure exactly how it all works to be honest. Maybe when things calm down a little Bane and I can head over to the breeding caves and observe some of the things Robo and Argy are discovering.” Celtic replied. “So many new dragon discoveries happening. I guess the world is right.”

“That it is.” A Dark Rift dragon landed nearby.

“Nyx!” Celtic smiled warmly at the familiar dragon. “How are things on the Island of Light and Dark?”

“From the messages I am receiving, more and more dragons are returning to the island. Robo is also discovering a lot of new Light and Dark element dragons. It seems we are seeing an influx of special dragons that only appear at certain times of the year. I think this means things are right with the world and the dragons are happy.” Nyx nuzzled Celtic shoulder.

“What do we owe this visit?” Frost asked.

“Sonnet sent me. Everything is fine with the Guardian and they will be here tomorrow afternoon.” The dragon looked at the Cold General. “It is good to see that the Master General has decided to stick around.”

“I figured they’d miss me too much if I left again.” Heat joked. “I also missed being around family. Also with everything that happened with Andy, I thought it best if I stuck around for a little while at least.”

“Andy is dealing with his own struggles. It is probably best that he left.” Nyx shook her head. Even she wasn’t sure why the Fire General acted the way he did, but knew it was best that he left when he did.

They chatted with Nyx for a little while longer before heading to bed. Celtic laid awake for a little while thinking about Bane but she finally drifted off to sleep with the baby Chromacorn snuggled up next to her.

Bane couldn’t wait to get home. He and Zarzara set up a plan that should she need him, all she had to do was send one of the dragons. He would spend more time with Celtic. They also needed to figure out the big wedding ceremony and honeymoon. They stopped by the Training Island so Nate could check on things. Robo had sent word that Essiw had returned and decided to stay for a while. Nate told Essiw that he would be back to the Island as soon as possible but that they needed to take care of something first. After a quick lunch, they headed to the Island of Fire and Cold. Bane’s heart raced as he thought about seeing his wife. Even though it had only been a few days, it had felt like forever since he’d last seen her.

“Bane!” Celtic spotted her husband as she rounded the corner after tending to the baby dragons. She ran to him and buried herself into his chest. They stayed like that until someone cleared their throat. “Hi, Natey.” She didn’t know where that nickname came from. Sonnet and Irish looked at each other. Iridium snickered.

“Hey, Celt.” Nate smiled. It was good to see the two of them together.

“Is that from Andy?” Celtic gently poked his black eye.

“Yeah.” He winced a little. It was still tender but no longer throbbed. “It looks worse than it feels.” He took her hand in his are they walked toward the baby dragon play area. “Looks like Robo has been dropping off new dragons.”

“More so than usual. Nyx said that there’s an influx of special dragons. Rift breeding has been going well too.” Celtic smiled as the baby Chromacorn dragon came running up to her. “I think I have a new friend.” She laughed and picked up the dragon.

“What kind of dragon is this?” Bane petted the dragon’s head.

“A Chromacorn. She’s a Rainbow Rift dragon.” Celtic placed the dragon back on the ground but she stuck close to the Enchantress. “Robo said the breed is extremely rare and they had to use a wish coin in order to get this one.”

“Wow!” Bane hadn’t had much contact with Robo recently so all of this was new to him. “I have only been gone a couple of days right?”

“Yeah, Robo dropped off the Chromacorn in the afternoon on the day you left.” Celtic leaned into her husband.

“Welcome home.” Heat and Frost neared the cottage.

“Thanks.” Bane shook their hands. “Irish, Sonnet, can you end the suspense now?”

“I think you and Nate need to tell them the plan first.” Irish replied.

“Plan?” Frost raised an eyebrow.

“Something to quell the rumors that are going around.” Nate looked at Celtic and then at Bane. “I think you should be the one to tell her.”

“Tell me what?” Celtic looked at her husband.

“We were thinking about a big, public wedding ceremony.” Bane held up his hand before she could say anything. “I know we had the small ceremony before defeating the Silence, but I think if we have a big wedding ceremony it will put an end to at least most of the rumors. Nate suggested that we also take a honeymoon afterwards.”

“Okay.” Celtic said. She didn’t really have a problem with any of it. She thought the idea of a public wedding ceremony was a good idea and she certainly wasn’t complaining about taking a honeymoon.

“Now that she’s in agreement – and you were worried Guardian – we can reveal the truth.” Sonnet said. She and Irish faced each, much like they had months ago, a Window of Reverie appeared and images of the past began to shimmer.

“Nate, you know that you are adopted, but what you were made to forget is that you were adopted from a couple from the Island of Fire and Cold.” Sonnet started to speak.

“That’s…” Celtic recognized the images of her parents. They were handing a baby over to another couple.

“Those are my parents…” Nate recognized the couple taking the baby.

“The two couples had been friends for a very long time. Celtic’s parents could only think of their friends to take their baby boy.” Eos’ voice came from behind the group.

“There had been threats.” Nate was beginning to remember. “My parents had adopted me in to save my biological parents and myself.”

“The Dragon Master sent us to the Island of Fire and Cold on the request of Celtic’s grandmother.” Bane was remembering as well.

“That was right after my parents had been killed protecting me. Heat and Frost had been adopted by my parents only a year before.” Celtic looked at the twins. The death of their parents had been fuzzy points in their memories but they had known that they weren’t blood-related.

“It was then that I realized I was Celtic’s brother. My biological parents had given me up for adoption to protect me, but they longed for another child.” Nate’s memories were coming back ten-fold.

“My grandmother had said that the threats had stopped but it still took my parents a while before having another child. I was around eight or nine when my parents were killed.” Celtic played with the locket around her neck.

“Abigail sent us into the forest when Bane and Nate returned to the Main Island. The Frostfire and Blue Fire dragons looked after us for about a year before she came to get us.” Frost added.

“Nate is Celtic’s older brother? Why are we just now learning this?”

“The fewer people who knew the truth, the safer it was for everyone. That was during the First War – no one was supposed to find out. Nate and Celtic were able to sense the truth and there was no harm in giving them the knowledge at that time. Once the First War ended, it was decided that you would have those memories blocked. We couldn’t be sure of more threats so that was the safest course of action.” A familiar face slid down from Aiden’s back.

“Dragon Master?” Bane and Nate looked at each other and then back at the elder.

“That’s the old man who lives in the forest close to the Fire dragons.” Heat recognized the man he had encounter a few times over the years.

“After traveling, I settled in the forest on my birth island.” The Dragon Master smiled. “For the longest time, only my son knew I was here.” He glanced at Heat. He turned his attention to Bane and Celtic and smiled warmly. “I had a feeling the two of you would get together one day.”

“A lot of people did.” Nate laughed. “Who knew my best friends would turn out to be my brother-in-law.” He pulled Celtic into a hug.

“Who knew the man I looked to as an older brother, is actually my brother.” Celtic hugged him back.

“Now, about this wedding ceremony?” Heat asked.

To be continued...

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