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The Truth About Nate His Revelations
Young Celtic All About Trust
Celtic and Nate Heartbreak
Flying With Dragons Trust Issues
A Reunion Remembered Memories
A Dinner Guest Epilogue

“Nate, do you have a moment?” Bane stopped by the Training Island on his way to the Island of Fire and Cold. It had been a day since Andy stopped in to give him the arrow charm. He’d been so busy with the farms and all the new Seasonal dragons, that there hadn’t been much in the way of personal time. Celtic had said that she understood and that she was fine with everything, but now he was kicking himself for not making the time for her.

“What’s up?” Nate was filling the water troughs. Unlike Halo, Essiw was still around, but they had lost other staff so they had more work to do. He stretched and looked at Bane. “What’s wrong?” He noted the look on his friends face.

“How can we keep going like this? We never seem to be able to make time for each other. As soon as we figure something out, something else comes up. One of her dragons comes down with something or Robo is bringing me a new Seasonal dragon to raise. If Halo was still around it would make things a little easier. And now Andy mentioned something about a new Mistress.” Bane shook his head.

“Who’s watching the Seasonal Island?” Nate asked.

“Robo said he could take over for a couple of days.” Bane replied. He sighed. He looked at the arrow charm in his hand. Nate noticed it too. “Bane, there is no way the two of you can just give up on the relationship. You two are too connected. You’re her Guardian, which only deepens this love you have for each other. I believe this relationship would have developed even if you weren’t her Guardian.” Nate placed on hand on his friend’s shoulder. “All I can tell you is to go to her and work this out.”

“What would you say if I said I wanted to propose to her?” Bane blurted. Nate was speechless for a moment.

“Go for it. You have my blessing, not that you need it.” Nate slapped his friend’s back. “But you will still need to figure things out.”

“I know.” Bane nodded. He spent the rest of the day with Nate. He left in the morning and headed towards the Gemstone Island. He had a favor to ask a couple of dragons. It took a few more days before the ring was finished and then he headed to the Island of Fire and Cold.

“She’s still in the forest.” Frost said when he saw Bane approaching the cottage.

“Frost, I want to speak with you first.” Bane stood nervously in front of Frost. It was only fitting that Bane ask Frost for his blessing considering he was Celtic’s only family. He would have also asked Heat if he could have found him.

“What’s up?” Frost noted the Archer’s nervousness.

“I know it’s soon and we haven’t exactly had the best relationship these past couple of weeks, but I know I don’t want to be away from her anymore. I don’t want to lose her and I want to make this work. We will work things out but…” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I want to ask Celtic to marry me.” “…” Frost’s eyes went wide. “Are you sure?” He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“I love her. I want to be with her always. I want to marry her and spend the rest of our lives together. And I want your blessing. You are her only family. I would also ask Heat, but as he is still out roaming around, I can only ask you.” He looked Frost in the eyes.

“You have my blessing. You make her happy; I’ve never seen her as happy as she is when she’s with you. If she agrees to marry you, I know I cannot stop her. Make her happy.” Frost patted him on the shoulder. Bane nodded, shook his hand, and then headed into the forest. She was sitting on a rock next to the lake. She was talking to someone and Bane recognized the voices. He felt a mixture of emotions as he listened to the conversation as he approached. His blood boiled that those two would attack her but he also felt guilty that he had left her to deal with all of this on her own. As soon as he spoke up, Celtic buried herself in his chest. He had forgotten this feeling. He had forgotten how good it felt to hold her in his arms like this. Never again would he let her go. As they headed back to the cottage, he made his move. As he gave her the arrow charm back he managed to slip the ring on her finger. Her answer was interrupted, but when she finally answered him, his heart soared. Their happiness was only slightly marred by the news that a prisoner had escaped.

A few months had passed and they were once again searching for new Generals. After completing his mission, Nate joined Bane, Celtic, and Ellie on the Island of Fire and Cold. They had been talking in Celtic’s cottage; trying to come up with a strategy for finding Ellie’s Generals. They hadn’t really come up with anything before something pulled them outside. Suddenly the whole Island went silent and the four lost consciousness. Nate could have sworn that he saw Blue lurking nearby. Celtic had told them about Blue and Justin manifesting in some physical form.

“…” Nate could feel something react within him. He recognized the two of the four elements that flowed through him. The other two must have been Light and Dark. He slowly opened his eyes. Anger coursed through him and he hissed out Blue’s name. When he was able to fully focus, he noticed Justin standing next to Celtic. His first instinct was to attack but then he noticed that nobody else seemed bothered by the presence. Then his attention went to Bane. “It’s not so simple to wake him.” Nate heard Justin’s voice but nothing was really registering in his mind. All he could think of was what he could do to help his friend. He slowly got to his feet and listened to everything everybody was saying. He understood that Celtic needed to make this journey and that, as much as he wanted to be there with her, Ellie was the only person who could go. He made the decision for everyone, and all but Justin, Celtic, and Ellie headed back to the Main Island. Before leaving, he and Celtic shared a look that went unnoticed by everyone else.

Bane didn’t know what was happening. One minute he was with Celtic, Ellie, and Nate trying to figure out how to find the Generals of Light and Dark and the next minute he was surrounded by darkness. He could somewhat make out Celtic’s voice but her words didn’t make any sense to him. There were other voices that sounded familiar to him, but he was not able to comprehend anything. As he drifted further and further into the unconsciousness, images from the past flashed before him. Celtic as a young girl as she played with Heat and Frost in their yard, seeing Celtic on the Island of Fire and Cold before she awoke as the Mistress… images that held meaning to him and warmed his heart. They were images that brought light to his life and each one of them Celtic had been a part of. Then images flashed across his mind of his mother’s death, then Celtic defending him against Blue on the battlefield – something he didn’t like to think about because of how much that moment had changed Celtic, then the days when she was poisoned and fighting for her life… Images that were marred with darkness and felt heavy to relive them. Then there was a sudden, evil laughter that was all too familiar. Blue. There was no question.

“She doesn’t love you. She is only with you because you’re her guardian. There’s nothing special about you to keep her around.” Blue’s voice echoed in the darkness. Bane tried to ignore the comments he knew weren’t true. It was the darkness talking; the darkness was full of lies.

“I am engaged to my Guardian. I am engaged to him because I love him.” Those were the only words Bane was able to understand since the darkness took hold. He didn’t know how long he’d been unconscious but he always knew that Celtic was nearby. It was her words just now that allowed memories of light to fill his mind and alleviate some of the weight the darkness pressed on him. Suddenly a sharp pain spread through his body causing him to gasp; he felt Celtic collapse beside him. He tried to let her know that he was still alive, that he was still fighting along with her. He could sense that his pain was also affecting her.

“Bane, I will find a way to break this… Trust me… I can’t do this alone… I need you beside me…” He could only understand pieces of what she was saying to him. He felt her hand in his and the pain ceased. He knew that everything would out; they always seemed to when they were together.

-on the Main Island-

Nate was sitting around the table with the rest of the Mistresses and Generals. His thoughts kept drifting back to Celtic and Bane; hoping that everything was okay. He played with a parchment that had come that morning. The rest didn’t know about it or the information that it contained. They were busy talking about how to stop the Silence. When Eme brought up the Generals of Light and Dark, Nate had no choice but to speak up.

“Just the General of Light. The General of Dark has already awakened.” Everyone looked at him.

“How?” One of the newest Generals, Adriano, asked. They had made to sure to get the new Generals up to speed about the past and what they were up against.

“Blue got to her.” Nate answered. The name alone caused him to grit his teeth in anger. He also knew that the new General of Dark would be susceptible to anything Blue said.

“How do you know all this?” Bre asked.

“Justin sent word this morning.” Nate laid the parchment on the table. Andy began to question whether or not Justin could be trusted.

“The Enchantress seems to trust him…” Nate spoke up. He wasn’t sure where Andy’s attitude was coming from. Andy then began to argue about Celtic’s choice in people to trust. But everyone had a counter to his statements.

“If you have a problem with her and Bane, or her trusting Justin, then that is something you are going to have to work through.” Nate was rather forceful in his tone, but he couldn’t take anymore of Andy’s comments against Celtic.

“If you, honestly, think Celty trusts the wrong people or trusts too easily, then you don’t really know her.” Heat walked into the room. He mentioned that he had heard about Celtic and Bane’s engagement so he had decided to stop by and congratulate them. “So is it Bane or Justin Andy has a problem with?” Heat seemed to fit right in with the rest of the group – it was as though he’d never left.

“It doesn’t matter. We have bigger things to deal with. Whatever problem Andy has, is his problem.” The Mistress of Earth and Air spoke up. Andy hadn’t said much of anything after everyone counter his statements. Nate decided to get the topic of conversation back onto the Silence, even though his thoughts still drifted back to his other friends.

To be continued...

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