Buildings #15;  There is an existing request for Gigantic Treat Farms and I hope these ideas don't disturb the original ideas authors too much.

I think Gigantic Treat Farms should use the same footprint as current farms so that islands don't have to undergo significant reorganization.  I believe the appearance of the Gigantic Treat Farms should be something along the lines of a greenhouse with hydra farms growing upside down tomatoes, for example.  Some new super treats could be grown and would add 2 hr., 4 hr. and 6 hr. super veggie treats that cost 25,000,000; 50,000,000; and 100,000,000 to grow 500,000; 1,000,000; and 2,000,000 treats.  This is all about reducing key strokes to grow treats.

Currently we are limited to 1 hr. / $5,000,000 / 100,000 treats which has to use all 11 farms to grow 1.1 million treats at a cost of $55,000,000 DC. It takes $507,904,000 DC to grow 10,158,080 treats to raise one dragon from level 15 to level 20.

20 upgraded sun/moon habitats with 3 blue moon/solstice dragons in each habitat can earn over 100,000,000 DC in 4 days which ties directly to the suggested Ceres dragon and the existing Karios dragon cycle times.

This suggested format is aimed at making it a little easier to grow enough food at on time to help level up a dragon from level 15 to level 20.  Besides the obvoious benifit of the rotating golden crowns for the level 20 dragon there is also the huge increase in Game Center score for each level 20 dragon.

Comments and other ideas are welcomed!!  Please add yours below...

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