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PES Island1
Island 1: An example covering of
14 Large Earth Habitats with two boosts.

Similar to the Panlong Waterpark Strategy, the Panlong Earthpark Strategy uses Large Earth Habitats instead of Large Water habitats.

A more profitable variation of this strategy is the Iron-Breeding and Panlong Earthpark Strategy

For more information, see the Panlong Waterpark Strategy article.


Island 1

Island 2

Island 3

  • Qty. 1, Large Earth Habitat
  • Qty. 3, Level 20 Panlong Dragons
  • Qty. 1, Entrace Portal (Required by island.)
  • At least 1 shrine of the Panlongi.e., Water Shrine, Earth Shrine, Fire Shrine, or Air Shrine. (Required to obtain level 20 Panlong dragons. The Earth Shrine is the cheapest at Coin template750,000 DragonCash. This shrine can be placed on an additional island toowherever there's room, really.)
  • Breeding Cave, etc.
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