Dragon idea's... l think it's sometimes hard to make a new dragon. But if you wanna make a dragon with a great idea, but you just can't draw something good? For other people its just the problem of having a idea for a special sort dragon. And l can tell: l'm not good thinking of a new sort dragon. l sometimes have an idea but then l think: Hmm l can't made it or: Hmm not a great idea... And the worst thing of all is some people have them, don't say it to someone and people who wanna make them will never know YOUR dragon made by someone else. First : you are happy with your dragon, second : maker is happy by making a new dragon... Just the idea!    

Demon dragon

Demon dragon.

They said it comes out of hell and takes evil people with it. The people said they never returned. Every time a person is taken by the Demon dragon, a huge thunder drops down somewhere on earth. Actual Demon dragons are never seen on valentine's day and in happy periods. Also, when seen in rain it said to swing with its tail and chop into the earth to cause also thunder around the whole area.    

Star Dragon

Star dragon

Star dragons are fast jumpers. They jump from star to star. Their feets don't slip away on ice planets and don't burn on fire planets. When you see one jumping, it looks-like a falling star. Strange is only its a dragon formed in space, without any other dragons. A scientist did research on the dragon and was only come to know that he was not born on a planet. And even it is not the biggest dragon,he still is the fastest.  

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Light dragon

Some people believe the Light dragon came once to earth in the whole history. Other people believe it is, even as the Sun and Moon dragons, the maker of the earth. When it takes a quick rest on earth, the whole area turn into bright light, even when it's night! Even the Light dragon doesn't looks it is family of it, it still is a cousin of the Sun dragon. When the mighty Sun, Moon and Light dragon met, there should be an other planet to be born. Some scientists did research and even he could not decide whether or not they made a new planet.
Mechanic Dragon

Mechanic dragon

The mechanic dragon was made by an coincidence. The scientist was doing an expiriment with robots and vegetable extracts, when he made a big mistake: he switched a test tube and putted vegetable extracts in it. Then the test tube fell exactly on a robot to cause a reaction he didn't want to make. After a huge 'KABOOM!'the Mechanic dragon was made. First it was only moving metal with vegetable extracts, when it was completely melted, was it what it looks now.    


Galactic dragon

The Galactic dragon is not a great attacker in the space. The Star dragon is its rival and attacks Galactic dragons whitout any reason. Although it is poor in attacking, it is not bad in disguise! When it sees an enemy, it uses its wings to looks like the space around it. With the rings on its body, it illuminated the area to see where he need to fly. The glow on its horns are used to find the way to certain planets he wanted to go. The horns glow and give a trail of light he must follow to find the way to the planet. It's hard to determine if you saw a Galactic dragon or just the sky when you looked up.    


Platinos, Old-Legendary Battle dragon

Platinos, the old-Legendary Battle dragon came out of the past. With the help of its best friend Kairos, the Legendary dragon of time, it raced trough time to come to your park. Platinos helps you on your way to the portal of the past: an new floating island next to one of your islands. The portal will lead you to the dragon battles of the past. Platinos is YOUR chance to learn all things of batteling. It use its crystals to create the portal of the past. Platinos waits for you on the island or flies above it. The special scales are made of gold and silver, the armor is made of gold and light pieces rock. It is never been defeated. Also, Platinos has the perfect weapons: its tail, its claws and even its wings can be used to battle.''


Dark dragon

The Dark dragon said to be the 'living dead' at night. It somethimes sits on a hill at night to wake better from the moon light. When it is active, it races like a shadow trough the night and kills some animals who stand in its way. In the summer and spring, it sleeps in caves. Also in the breed season you can find them in caves. The eggs of this dragon needs to be cold to hatch. It will never hatch on day, always at night. No one ever know why...

Angelic Dragon

Angelic Dragon

Angelic dragons are active dragons. The baby Angelic dragon isn't as cute as it looks like. It's a bit mischievous and gabs secretly cookies out of the box.. Also it will maybe bite if you try to get your cookies back. The Angelic dragon likes to make snow angels and throw snowballs when you don't see it. When you look up it hides itself in its wings. '

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