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    Hello DragonVale Wiki Community!

    Some of you may remember there was a blog named Dear Backflip studio! maintained by Liberkhaos who is no longer active on the wiki.

    This blog is to revisit the idea and to let Backflip Studios know what we would like to see in the future updates for DragonVale.

    This can include dragons, decorations, habitats, buildings, game mechanics, and anything else we can think of.

    In addition I am adding a section in which we can let Backflip Studios know if we want to see another DragonVale game, have a tie-in/companion app, have another breeding game with a different theme, and any other game ideas we would like to see Backflip Studios create.

    I know that for legality reasons it is hard for Backflip Studios to adapt anyt…

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    Songs of Wizard Adventure

    November 14, 2013 by Bane Cane

    I wake up in the morning and I look to the right
    What I see next might give some a big fright
    I put on my robe and grab my hat and my wand
    Before we know it the dragons are out by Ami'Lya Pond

    Some dragons are like mammoths, like the towering Mountain
    Others like to swim out by the glimmering Rainbow Fountain

    If scrolls are your desire no need to search further
    The Dragon Library has scrolls for wizardry learners

    The pumpermelons are growing out in the farms
    Kairos is flying close, don't sound the alarms

    Lightning Dragons may stare, but no need to be scared
    It is only a contest for those unprepared

    The light is shining, the Embers are hot
    But it doesn't stop a wizard for wanting to trot

    The islands are floating by the magic that is
    The visitors can stop…

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    Backflip Studios Posted This Infographic Of Statistics On The DragonVale Page
    Link To The Image On The Backflip Studios' Website
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    September 15, 2012 by Bane Cane
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