I am going to start keeping a blog of all DragonVale art that I create, primarily dragon ideas, perhaps with some fan art.

Static Dragon

Static Dragon
The Static Dragon was designed in the style matching the usual pattern for creation of new 'Here to Stay' Hybrids, ie. Main type base (Lightning), characteristics of secondary type (Air).

The name/type of dragon was chosen because static electricity can jump thorugh short distances of air to give you a shock. Thus, it is primarily electricity, with an air-like quality. Ideal for filling the type slot.

In designing this dragon, I started with a lightning base, and smoothed out the outline. I used the turquoise color from the Air type, as well as the wing and tail tip style. The light blue comes directly from the Lightning dragon, and the yellow shade is a lighter version of the original Lightning's colors. I figured using the exact shade from the Lightning dragon with it already having a lightning base would be too close and make them easily confused with each other and make the idea less original.

I have a possible description for the Static Type as well:

The Static Dragon was discovered by the wizard Nicolatesl when a hatchling slipped into his lab while he was experimenting with Lightning magic. His first observation was that Static Dragon is very friendly, and especially clingy to people wearing sweaters.

The description was made to reference the brilliant scientist who specialized with electricity, Nicholai Tesla, as well as making the obvious pun on the tendency for sweaters to generate a static charge.

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