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  • I live in Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy
  • My occupation is Dragon breeder/dragon tamer/dragon zookeeper
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    July 15, 2012 by Argyos Maestre

    So, you finally decided to give the game that all of your friends are raving about a try, and downloaded Dragonvale. You have started playing and kind of enjoy the game. Yet, you can't seem to breed that one dragon that you really want. It could be a Sun, a Moon, a Gold, a Rainbow, a Blue Fire, a Frostfire, or something else, you just cannot get it, no matter what you try! Well, this blog is here to give you the best combos for any dragon and will hopefully help you get that dragon you want.

    First, before we start breeding for all the dragons, let's lay down some ground rules.

    1. Order of dragons - The order of the dragons does not affect the outcome of what dragon you will get. For example, Plant + Earth and Earth + Plant can both get you T…

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