I am a Dragonvale player. I played fair, which means I do not jailbreak or hack my iPhone. I joined Dragonvale around February 2012, and became active in this wikia since last April. I go by Xyphoideus in this wikia, which is one of my favorite part of human bodies. You could always call me Ed or Edward. My gamecenter ID is edwardmputera.

If you read my posts in game updates or other pages, you might know me as the one with "sharp" or even sarcastic comments. I am sorry for those who were offended by me, but most of those comments were what I called "building" comments. All positive and negative comments that I posted were all for the good of Dragonvale and this wikia. I love this game as much as every DV-addict, and I always try my best to keep it better.

My gamecenter ID as I stated before is edwardmputera. I do have couple faithful gem friends, but other come and goes. So if any of you interested in fixed and honest gem trading, please post me in my wall and add me in my GC ID. I do keep records of gems exchanges and I am looking forward to have a loyal gem friend.

Thank you for reading.


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