Okay, everyone can stop insulting half the population now
  — Dragon Trip 

I love ho
  — Wiz 

meth is tomorrow
  — Crtha 

They want us to have a happy childhood but they put us in school.... Zero Logic
  — Conchitah 

Ok... NOW where the heck are you?!
  — Rainbow220 

"The whole city is falling apart because of a superstorm and im still giving out homework!" -englishteacher314 2013
  — BadIceCream 

Englishteacher314: Who needs power, not flooded area, shelter when you have homework!
  — BadIcecream 

Because haunted stuff killing girls is hip and cool these days
  — Ember 

Sometimes, the thing you've been looking for your whole life is right there beside you all along.
  — Peter Quill 
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