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People in Dragonvale

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Wizard Adam Anteen Diamond Dragon A helpless romantic, the wizard Adam Anteen always loved diamond dragons. Unfortunately, these beautiful creatures are hard headed and refuse to live anywhere outside the frozen highlands. Under a lot of pressure Anteen discovered a way these incredible dragons can live on the Gemstone Island. They love their new gemstone habitat.
Wizard Aiden Strongarm Blue Moon Dragon During the blue moon festival, a number of wizards buzzed about collecting its rare essence to the Moon Habitat in order to attract a blue moon dragon. It wasn't until days later the famous wizard Aiden Strongarm was able to find a way to bring the blue moon dragon back before it disappeared for another 3 years! It may have been one small step for dragons, but it was a giant leap for wizards.
Wizard Akitu Spring Dragon The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly certain they follow patterns of the Northern hemisphere and won't be here forever.
Wizard Brezhoneg Celtic Dragon Nestled somewhere between the Shimmering Isles and the edge of the Skyie Meadows lives an ultra rare breed, the celtic dragon. O'Hara the Stout, a brewer of magical potions, and Wizard Brezhoneg were inspired by a celtic dragon's golden knotted horns and worked some magic to allow these dragons to come and live at the end of the rainbow habitat.
Great Wizard Dalfgan and his maiden Iron Dragon First discovered during the great wizard Dalfgan's maiden attempt to summon an unknown beast from ancient times, the iron dragon is a close cousin of the more common metal dragon. The large metal block at the end of its tail is intimidating to some, but we've been assured that it just uses it for communication. Hopefully they don't try to communicate with any of the visitors!
Wizard Franklin Dogood Plasma Dragon The story of the plasma dragon is a strange one. Years ago the brilliant wizard Franklin Dogood was caught in a terrible storm when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby pond, instantly evaporating it. Ever the scholar, Franklin went to investigate and discovered something incredible -- a baby dragon where the pond once stood!
Wizard Harry Cyclops Dragon The cyclops dragon was first discovered when one visited the renowned wizard Harry's house. They immediately saw eye to eye. Harry labored over a spell that would allow them to thrive in Olympus habitats. Fun fact: Harry spends most of his efforts in creating a spell that will pause time.
Water Wizard Koostow Aquamarine Dragon Adrift in the Sea of Kimzar with no help in sight, the water wizard Koostow despaired that his latest magical experiment hadn't gone quite as he had planned. Much to his surprise, he was lifted from the icy waters on the back of an Aquamarine dragon and rescued. To return the favor, Koostow worked hard to make sure these dragons would be comfortable living on the Gemstone Island.
Old Wizard Mohs Ruby Dragon & Sapphire Dragon The ruby dragon was discovered deep in the Mogok Caves by an old wizard who simply went by the name Mohs. He quickly learned the error of reaching for rubies when they are attached to the tail of a dragon.
The wizard Mohs went to the Shimmering Isles looking for unique gem to craft into a ring for Yogo, a witch he fancied. Reaching to grab a star sapphire, he grabbed the horn of a sapphire dragon. Mohs might need a spell to correct his vision.
Wizard Pogona Bearded Dragon Named by the Wizard Pogona, bearded dragons are named for the spikes protruding from their jaws. They can often be found lazing about, basking in the sun. Due to their solitary nature, they've often been mischaracterized as grumpy, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Bearded dragons take great interest in training younger dragons making sure they stay in line.
Wizard Sam Hain Ghost Dragon

Often mistaken as the spirit of an ancient and benevolent dragon, the ghost dragon remains somewhat of a mystery. Reading the notes of the wizard Sam Hain, "The ghost dragon only shows up in the middle of the Fall, usually in conjunction with the bone dragon. My advice? Don't be afraid of no ghosts!

Wizard Shamas Summer Dragon While researching seasonal magic in the far off Forests of Farn, the wizard Shamash discovered the summer dragon one evening by tripping over it. Thankfully, the dragon didn't mind or even bother to wake up. Since then, summer dragons have been famed as the hardest sleeping dragons, probably because they are some of the most active dragons during the day!
Young Wizard Vander Horck Firework Dragon Wizards often use firework spells to light up the sky for celebrations. One year, a young wizard named Vander Horck, determined to create the most magnificent firework display in history, decided to change the spell. Upon its casting, the spell burst high in the air with a bright red glare more splendid than anyone could have imagined. In response to the magnificent display, thousands of colorful firework dragons poured into the night sky and to this day are only seen during grand celebrations.
Young Unnamed Wizard Quicksilver Dragon The quicksilver dragon has a mercurial personality, often going from playful to pugnacious for no apparent reason. Despite their great bulk, they are deft swimmers -- although most of the time they float at the surface waiting for their next meal to swim by. While tending a Water Habitat, a 'log' turned out to be a hungry Quicksilver Hatchling and a young wizard inadvertently invented a "Run on Water" spell.

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Witch Amalthea Garnet Dragon First discovered in several inlets of the Shimmering Isles, Garnet dragons were initially believed unsuitable for parks because of their abrasive attitudes. Fortunately, the witch Amalthea showed how to properly tame and care for these beautiful creatures. Ever since, wizards have found these dragons to be a blast!
Jayme the Cooking Witch Coral Dragon

Formations in the shallow areas of the Crimson Sea have always appeared hazardous, so everyone sailed safely around them. Magical treat expert and excellent witch, Jayme the Cook noticed that charts of the regions always contained discrepancies in the shape and location of these formations, so she decided to investigate the phenomenon. Sailing close and examining carefully, she discovered that it was a new type of dragon, the coral dragon.

Witch Nadia Rose Dragon The witch Nadia of Cadberry Meadows is renowned for having the greatest flower nursery in all the land. The day after creating the Rose Topiary, she found a new dragon in her nursery, the rose dragon. After all the effort she put into creating the greatest topiary in the land, it was as if the flowers themselves rewarded her for her labors. Is there a better way to say I love you than a dragon? Probably.
Great Witch Rudna Silver Dragon The Great Witch Rudna was having a dream about potions and her famous Parkes Poultice when she awoke to an amazing sight. A silver dragon helping a gold dragon carry away some of Thatche's treasure. Little did she know, it was the first sighting of a second treasure dragon.
Witch Tranquila and her husband Thunder Dragon

Originating in the Verulean Highlands, Thunder dragons have been known to exist for quite some time but were much too loud to display in parks. Fortunately, the witch Tranquila spent considerable time creating a spell to dampen the sound of her husband's thunderous snoring. She modified the spell a bit and it works well enough on Thunder dragons to allow them to share habitats with other dragons and not deafen park visitors. Though some ear plugs may still be in order.

Yogo the Witch Sapphire Dragon The wizard Mohs went to the Shimmering Isles looking for unique gem to craft into a ring for Yogo, a witch he fancied. Reaching to grab a star sapphire, he grabbed the horn of a sapphire dragon. Mohs might need a spell to correct his vision.
Witch Zamora Double Rainbow Dragon

Dismissed as wild speculation, muddled magic or the mad ravings of the witch Zamora, the rarest of the rare dragons, the double rainbow dragon is a magical marvel. After glimpsing one as a child, Zamora devoted the rest of her life searching for this most elusive dragon. She has finally succeeded and worked a complex spell to allow them to be bred.

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Adventurer and Poet Rainbow Dragon

Normal words cannot begin to describe the resplendence of this, rarest type of all dragons. The first person to ever witness one stared for hours before running home to send a poet to describe the beast. When the poet arrived, the dragon had left without a trace, leading many to believe that the explorer made up the whole story. Only years later do we now realize that he wasn't crazy at all!

Young Adventurer Magnetic Dragon When the magnetic dragon was discovered it was completely by accident. A young adventurer wearing plate mail was riding their horse near the Pliny Foothills when they were suddenly yanked off and sent flying towards the dragon! Luckily, neither the adventurer nor the dragon were harmed, and we've been able to find a way to lessen the magnetic dragon's powerful effect on metal objects. But don't worry, it's sure to still attract visitors!

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Explorer Antonio von Sickengen Platinum Dragon While exploring a cave, deep in the middle of the Berrywhite Mountains, the explorer Antonio von Sickengen discovered a third treasure dragon; the platinum. After achieving his fame with the platinum dragon, Antonio retired to a quiet life raising and studying quicksilver dragons.
Explorer Dickinson Osborne Metal Dragon

For years explorers were afraid to enter the Tull Caverns because of the loud noises that could be heard coming from deep below. It's only thanks to the brave Dickinson Osborne that we now know that these sounds come from the metal dragon's unique behavior of "drumming" precious metals with their heavy tails.

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Professor Bixby Malachite Dragon Centuries ago Professor Bixby was traveling to the Scar of the World for research when he discovered something that he never thought possible -- a malachite dragon! It didn't take long for the Professor to find out that these dragons relish in smashing things into puny little pieces. Bixby's notes say something about not making them angry...we wouldn't like them when they're angry. Luckily the wizards were at least able to find a way to keep malachite dragons from destroying the park.
Professor Dravin Frostfire Dragon While researching his forthcoming work, The Origins of Dragons, Professor Dravin happened upon the uncharted Palagos Islands and returned with a hatchling that astonished the wizards--the worlds first frostfire dragon.
Professor Olivine Emerald Dragon Professor Olivine first discovered the peridot dragon while researching a thorny plant in the High Plains of Faridat. These proud and august creatures can be seen headbutting each other in the wild as a display of their strength and magnificence... or maybe they're just tired of being confused with emerald dragons.

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Stater Wizard Brothers Electrum Dragon While experimenting with lightning magic, three wizard brothers from the Stater family attracted the attention of an electrum dragon. Shocked at the discovery of a new Treasure dragon, they quickly dispatched in all directions to inform everyone of this new, epic breed.
The Ancients Smoke Dragon The smoke dragon is a misunderstood beast. The Ancients mistook them for spirits and offered them messages to carry to the Other Side. Unfortunately the only 'other side' these creatures cross to is whatever side of the campfire you move to.
The Lost Ice Kings Blizzard Dragon The lost Ice Kings were believed to be responsible for unsavory weather at the top of the Berrywhite Mountains. Turns out it was just Blizzard dragons coughing and sneezing. Their colds have been cured and they are no longer contagious, so feel free to breed some and put them next to the other dragons in your park.
Tribes Cold Dragon The cold dragon is revered in the northern countries where people will often worship them and offer them food in exchange for protection. Some tribes refer to them as the grandfathers of the North because of the signature fur that grows near the front of their mouths. This is the most intelligent of all the common dragon breeds known.
Six Unnamed Wizards Motley Dragon It's the same old situation, the motley dragon is of unknown origin. A crew of six wizards has been studying them, but the results are not making them feel good. Some wizards have a theory, which is a bit on the wild side, that motley dragons are related to a rumored invisible dragon.

People (Alphabetical) Seen on Descriptions
Researcher Apprentice Cheelei Pepper Dragon

Pepper dragons are feisty creatures. They are one of the few dragons known to actively engage in a staring contest with lightning dragons. Once, a young apprentice, Cheelei, was bored with studying lava so she instead travelled to the western shores in order to examine pepper dragons in their natural setting. She silently observed them until a sudden fit of sneezing blew her cover.

Enchantress Gigi Ode Amethyst Dragon Whilst exploring the Gerias Mines, the enchantress Gigi Ode came across a spherical chamber completely covered in purple hued crystals. She quickly came to the realization that she was, in fact, surrounded by a plethora of amethyst dragons.
Magical Brewer O'Hara the Stout Celtic Dragon Nestled somewhere between the Shimmering Isles and the edge of the Skyie Meadows lives an ultra rare breed, the celtic dragon. O'Hara the Stout, a brewer of magical potions, and Wizard Brezhoneg were inspired by a celtic dragon's golden knotted horns and worked some magic to allow these dragons to come and live at the end of the rainbow habitat.
Magical Toymaker Sandakloz Reindeer Dragon & Gift Dragon

These hybrid dragons come from the Far North and can only be bred near the end of the year. Centuries ago, the magical toymaker Sandakloz journeyed north to study these rare creatures. He never returned from his journey, but every year since, during the month when reindeer dragons can be bred, children wake up one day to find magical toys in boxes bearing the old mage's signature.

These crafty creatures snuck into the bag of holding of the magical toymaker Sandakloz. After being studied over the holidays, the wizards have found a way to counteract the singularity magic that prevented more than one existing in the same place at the same time. Clever Wizards!
Oracle Tessa Lonya Ironwood Dragon Famed Oracle Tessa Lonya was lost in the vast dunes of the Sandara Desert. Tired and without water, she collapsed only to wake up at the edge of an oasis with an ironwood dragon! It's a good thing they're friendly.
Treasure Hunter Thatche Gold Dragon & Silver Dragon The world famous treasure hunter, Thatche, was finding some of his spoils disappearing at night; with no sign of thieves he decided to pretend sleep in order to find out what was causing his treasure to vanish. To Thatche's surprise, he witnessed a massive golden dragon swoop in and fly off with as much as it could carry! The wizards found later that gold dragons steal because they sleep on piles of gold for pillows.
Wizards, Researchers, Enthusiasts, Scholars and Hobbyists ??? ???

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Lore in Buildings

People (Alphabetical) Seen on
Morison the Miner Metal Shrine
Tim the Fire Dragon Master Fire Boost
Torbin the Wicked Plant Shrine
The Cold Dragon Master Cold Boost
Harvesters Water Shrine
Male Hermit Earth Shrine
Invaders and Government Cold Shrine
Lightning Dragon Master Lightning Boost
A Merchant Air Shrine
Merchants Lightning Shrine
Metal Dragon Master Metal Boost
Plant Dragon Master Plant Boost
Tribes Water Shrine
Water Dragon Master Water Boost

Lore in Decorations

People (Alphabetical) Seen on
Dragon Artist Bob Ploss Happy Tree
Wizard Dalfgan Astrolabe
Wizard Getorix Eternal Flame
Gregor the Great Jadeite Oasis
Poet-wizard Hi'Coo Bonsai Blossom
King Miroid Miroid Monument
Mathias the Meddler Gnome Snow Globe
Mikael Whelps La Reine De Pearls
Mor'Gynne the Ancient Witch Witch Hut
Witch Nadia Rose Topiary
Professor Olivine Olivine Obelisk
Pliny the middle aged Cryptocrystalline Talisman
Tehgood the Abrasive Cloisonne Runestone
Tolson the Red Cloisonne Runestone
Craftsmen Fire Statue
King, Miller's Daughter Diamond Ring
Tols, a humanoid species Cozy Dogen
Unknown Rider Tower Hollow

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|-| The World=


Track Common Elements
Blast Furnace Icon FireIcon Metal
Cherry Road Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Fire
Dramoria Icon ColdIcon Metal
Electric Skies Icon LightningIcon Air
Marshlands Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon Earth
Rime or Reason Icon ColdIcon Air
Shimmering Faultline Icon EarthIcon Lightning
Ulster Meadows Icon PlantIcon Earth
Year of the Dragon Icon EarthIcon AirIcon WaterIcon Fire

Perch of Kariros Quests

Quest (Name) Elements
Berrywhite Mountains Icon FireIcon Lightning
Blitzenwood Icon PlantIcon Lightning
Blizzard's Breath Icon ColdIcon Air
Boneyard Caldera Icon EarthIcon Fire
Burning Winds Icon FireIcon Air
Cadberry Fields Icon LightningIcon Air
The Dragonwallow Icon EarthIcon Water
Drizzlemist Heights Icon WaterIcon Air
Frozen Pond Icon ColdIcon Water
Greenwood Forest Icon PlantIcon Earth
Hemlock Gardens Icon PlantIcon Fire
The Iron Crag Icon EarthIcon Metal
Lodestone Peak Icon LightningIcon Metal
Mermaid's Garden Icon PlantIcon Water
Mount Dumme Icon FireIcon Metal
Mount Spectre Icon EarthIcon Cold
Northern Exposure Icon PlantIcon Cold
Prismatic Rift Icon EarthIcon Lightning
Ruins of Alsvitheim Icon ColdIcon Metal
Stormy Way Icon ColdIcon Lightning
The Weeping Wood Icon PlantIcon Air

Lore in Dragons

  1. Forests - Moss Dragon,Tree Dragon
  2. Deserts - Moss Dragon, Earth Dragon, Sandstorm Dragon
  3. Polar Regions - Lichen Dragon
  4. Volcanos - Obsidian Dragon Fire Dragon, Forge Dragon,
  5. Mountains - Storm Dragon, Lightning Dragon
  6. Water - Water Dragon
  7. Cemeteries - Bone Dragon
  8. Scar Of the World - Malachite Dragon, Ouroboros Dragon, Terradiem Dragon
  9. Palagos Islands - Frostfire Dragon
  10. Mooretoss Island - Dodo Dragon
  11. Verulean Highlands - Thunder Dragon
  12. Sandara Desert - Ironwood Dragon
  13. Pliny Foothills - Magnetic Dragon
  14. Mount Oly - Bronze Olympus Dragon, Silver Olympus Dragon
  15. Tull Caverns - Metal Dragon
  16. Shimmering Isles - Garnet Dragon, Emerald Dragon, Pearl Dragon, Sapphire Dragon, Topaz Dragon, Celtic Dragon
    1. Khorasan Region - Turquoise Dragon
  17. Sea of Kimzar - Aquamarine Dragon
  18. Mogok Caves - Ruby Dragon
  19. High Plains of Faridat - Peridot Dragon
  20. Isle of Ulmek - Jade Dragon
  21. Bridget's Pass - Leap Year Dragon
  22. Ulster Meadows - Clover Dragon
  23. Sykie Meadows - Butterfly Dragon, Celtic Dragon
  24. Frozen Highlands - Mountain Dragon, Diamond Dragon
  25. Northern Countries - Cold Dragon, Reindeer Dragon
  26. Northern Skies - Snow Dragon
  27. Northern Hemisphere - Seasonal Dragon, Spring Dragon
  28. Far East - Panlong Dragon
  29. Southern Tropics - Rain Dragon
  30. Western shores - Pepper Dragon
Locations (Alphabetical) Seen on
Ami'Lya Pond River Dragon
Berrywhite Mountains

Blizzard Dragon, Love Dragon, Platinum Dragon

Cadberry Meadows Bloom Dragon, Rose Dragon
Crimson Sea Coral Dragon, Topaz Dragon
Dramoria Scoria Dragon, Mine Dragon
Forests of Farn Evergreen Dragon, Summer Dragon
Garita Volcano Apocalypse Dragon
Gerias Mines Amethyst Dragon
Glacier Point Century Dragon

Lore in Buildings and Habitats

Lore in Decorations

World Gallery

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  • Unfamiliar Dragon design on staff
  • Unfamiliar Dragon
  • Unknown egg
  • Unknown eggs
  • Unknown dragon tail
  • Unknown dragon eggs


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