aka Taylor

  • I live in America
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is Drawing
  • I am Female
This user's Gemstone Dragon is Opalescence.
Com.backflipstudios.dragongame.gotemall This user has Every Last One.

AirElementFlag This user is apart of the Air Tribe.

SandDragonEgg This user has a Sandbox


I Love Dragonvale and everything in it.

  • Q: Why Air Tribe?
  • Q: How long did it take you to get 'Every Last One'?
    • A: Ever sinse I downloaded even before the first Limited Dragon. I Got it on November 13th 2013.
  • Q: Whats a sandbox?
    • A: Personal editing areas for users to test out things. You can make one by making a page with 'User:yourusernamehere/Sandbox'.

Favorite Dragons

Favorite Normal Dragons

BlazingDragonAdult SmokeDragonAdult AshDragonAdult LuminousDragonAdult BlizzardDragonAdult RainDragonAdult OozeDragonAdult PollenDragonAdult SnowDragonAdult MeteorDragonAdult PhantomDragonAdult
WindDragonAdult PalladiumDragonAdult LightDragonAdult MeadowDragonAdult GeodeDragonAdult NectarDragonAdult OrchidDragonAdult MirrorDragonAdult PlantDragonAdult FrostfireDragonAdult PepperDragonAdult

Favorite Epic and Limited Dragons

DaydreamDragonAdult SpringSeasonalDragonAdult RagnarokDragonAdult DiamondDragonAdult OpalDragonAdult JadeDragonAdult OvalithDragonAdult BloomDragonAdult SakuraDragonAdult FireworkDragonAdult EquinoxDragonAdult
PrismDragonAdult SpringDragonAdult CarnivalDragonAdult WinterDragonAdult LightRiftDragonAdult AutumnDragonAdult SummerDragonAdult TerradiemDragonAdult MotleyDragonAdult DuskDragonAdult DawnDragonAdult

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Pickle Friend

                    This user is a GOLDEN friend of The Gold Dragon!!!
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