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Hay, <insert name here>, I'm a 15-year old German Girl. I play DragonVale since the end of February and this 5 times a day. My hobbies are gaming, drawing, badminton, football golf in the soccerpark and football. But the most time I spend with my lovely boyfriend since 1 year and 3 months. I'm an artist myself but since 4 months I haven't got ideas for dragons so I started to draw Graffitis. When you want a dragon or a decoration leave a message on my wall so maybe i can draw it for you. :) Ohhh and i forgot my little sweet cats which all have a big place in my heart.

Park Stats

Level: 35

Islands: 7 and Gemstone plus EBS

Epic and Limited Dragons: 3x Rainbow, 3x Blue Moon, 2x Seasonal, 2x Solstice, 1x Bronze Olympus,

2x Silver Olympus,1x Gold Olympus, 2x Silver, 2x Gold, 2x Sun, 2x Moon,

1x Emerald, 1x Pearl, 1x Ruby, 1x Peridot, 1x Sapphire, 2x Butterfly, 2x Firework,

2x Paper, 2x Opal

Missing Dragons: 2x Bloom, 2x Bone, 2x Clover, 1x Dodo, 1x Emerald, 1x Gold Olympus,

2x Leap Year, 2x Love, 1x Pearl, 1x Peridot, 1x Quicksilver, 2x Reindeer,

1x Ruby, 2x Sakura, 1x Sandstorm, 1x Sapphire

Achievements: All

Shrines bronze: Fire, Metal, Cold, Water

Shrines silver: Lightning, Earth, Plant, Air

Shrines gold: none

EBC: Yes

Dragonsai Tree: Yes

GC: Elfchenx3

Islands pictures follows

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