Starlight the triple-hybrid dragon

aka Snowdrift/Annie/Random Weirx Person

  • I live in my school in the USA
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is being at school, missing my friends, watching birds, listening to my fave orchestra songs over and over again, admiring certain boiz (boys)
  • I am a NightWing\RainWing\IceWing (they're WoF dragons) , female, and very loyal to my friends, and I am socially awkward

Hi <insert name here>. Welcome to my profile. A little bit about me. I survived kidney cancer when I was two. I absolutely love birds, and have a feather collection consisting of 216 feathers total at home. I am very loyal to close friends and sometimes can be a bit of a show-off. I love Wings of Fire (an awesome book series; you should check out the WoF wiki too) too much -- I often act like a dragon when I am at home. I am TOTALLY ALLERGIC to my jerk nine-year old brother, who bothers me as often as he looks at me. I LOVE orchestra and am a proud violist. My favorite dragons are the Lapis Dragon, Faire Dragon, Plant Rift Dragon, and the Dawnbringer Dragon.


Level 92

First Elder dragon: Plant Dragon

First dragon I bred was the Flower dragon

First rare dragon I bred was... What, Forest? 

First Epic: Snowy Silver 

First Limited Epic: Emerald Dragon

First Limited Dragon I got was the Bouquet Dragon

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