Sir Machius

aka Luke

  • I live in Kobe Japan
  • My occupation is Assistant Language Teacher
  • I am Male

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SirM Welcome

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Hi my name is Luke, I go by the online name Machius or Sir Machius.

I'm a University student living in Queensland Australia currently finishing up after doing a honours thesis combining my studies in International Relations and Japanese Language Studies.

My hobbies include- long distance bicycle riding, playing Magic: the Gathering and watching/reading Anime/Manga.

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If you have any questions for me or want to report spam/vandalism just ask on my message wall or in the chat room, don't worry i'm friendly I won't bite.

Sir Machius Talk Chat Contribs (signature thanks to Pickle786™)

  • Started: November 2011
  • Level: 40
  • Park Value: ~15,000,000,000 (top 5%)
  • Islands: All 7 + EBS & Gemstone Island
  • Shrines: All Gold
  • Dragons: All Dragons (including all limiteds)
  • Kairos: All Fragments, Summoned
  • Goals/Achievements: All Complete
  • Recently: Bred a Cyclops dragon.
  • Currently: Working on breeding a Amethyst Dragon and on raising 1 of every dragon to level 20 a level at a time (currently all at level 17/18)

A few of my islands:

  • Panlong Island:
    SM Panlong Island
  • Epic Island (not all of my epics):
    SM Epic Island
  • Statue (and other buildings) Island:
    SM Statue Island

My game center username is also sir machius, please feel free to add me and to check out my islands.

I will gift people gems if and when I can (please note though that I have around 400 friends on my list so I won't be able to gift gems to anyone on a daily basis, maybe every couple of weeks to a month).

I will add anyone who requests as long as they don't have a hacked park and understand not to expect daily gems.

Also since my list has grown this large I wait until I have 6 requests (the number of gems I can gift daily) before adding people to my list, so apologies for anyone who has to wait a while.

Another free app that I enjoy is Mushroom Garden (originally named Funghi Gardening Kit) and I have recently founded and begun creating a wiki about the series.

If you are a fan of the game or just interested feel free to have a look.



You can find all my blogs and many others on my Blogdex but here are a few favorites:

  • Dear Backflip Studio! - Liberkhaos's blog of ideas to submit to backflip, well worth a look.
  • Dear BFS (artistic) - The artistic version of Liberkhaos's Dear Backflip blog.
  • Thanks Backflip - A blog I created in order to thank Backflip for giving us DragonVale and for all the good things they have done with it.
  • Scam Spotting - A blog I created in order to help people spot and avoids DragonVale scams.
  • ID-ing Hacked Parks - a blog I created in order to help people understand what makes a persons park hacked or not.

My Original Avi/Profile Picture (currently in use)
SirM OriginalAvi

My Wiki/DV Anniversary Avi (used from Sep 01-Sep 24 2012)
SirM CelebrateAVI

My Halloween Avi (used Oct 23-Nov 06 2012)
SirM HalloweenAvi

My Christmas Avi currently in use (Dec 07 - Jan 31)
SM XmasAvi

The original art for my Avi (from the ZAP Webcomic by Pascalle Lepas) A few people have asked me what/who it is, the character in the image is a holographic representation of the Excelsior's (a space ship) AI.
Sir M Profile PIc

A wonderful egg version of my Avi (created for me by the very talented YeeMeYee)

Egg - Sir MachiusEgg - Sir MachiusEgg - Sir Machius


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  • Hi everyone i'm back and now i'm a Wiki Moderator (da da dah) LOLZ hit me up in chat or on my wall if you need anything.
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