aka Phoenix

  • I was born on December 12
  • I am Female
Hi! I’m Th3ph03nix but you can just call me Phoenix.

I used to play animal jam but I quit. Message me on my wall for free AJ items!

Yes, I’m also Th3ph03nix in DragonVale so please friend me!

Some dragons I have:

-Light trait prism (If anyone has a dark trait Starwing you can co-op with me for pearlescent)

-Some gemstones and crystallines

-A regular Starwing

-Singularity dragon and 3 other galaxies



Some breeding tips:

Chromacorn and Viridian (in the Rift) can get you a lot of mystery epics, some with traits!

Chromacorn and Light Rift got me my light trait Prism!

My favorite pages

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