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Welcome <insert name here> to my profile.

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My Dragonvale
Level: 50 Dragons: All
(At least one of each basic and hybrid and 2 of every epic and limited)
Decorations: All (except Light Vestige) Decoration Storage: 328/2475


Shrines: All Gold Egg Pedestals: At lest one of each Islands: All Park Value: 57.9 billion
Kairos: Yes Started playing: End of May 2012 (Earliest Achievement Date is May 29th) Hibernation Cave: 161/200 Last Updated: 11/16/13
Breeding: EBS, EBC Jailbreak: No Average Dragon Level: 18 Gemstone Island: Fully Upgraded
Habitats: 58/58 Dragonsai Gifting Tree: Yes Dark And Light

Both Giant Habitat Reward


All Goals - 16/16 Achievements (266 pts)

(If you're wondering why it says 2475 max under deco storage, it's because each item has a 99 max so 25*99.)

Note about GameCenter (The ⚾'s are baseball symbols from the app Emoji)


MrAwesome8's Egg Island.jpeg
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