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DragonVale Happenings

Panlong-dragon 158x148

I want a lot of these :3

Hello. I'm an old contributor to DragonVale Wiki, and while not particularly active I stop by every once in a while.

Typically I am trying to survive the madness of Limited dragons. After a long period of inactivity on DragonVale, my quest to catch up is doomed - yet I shall still try. Somewhere along the way, I will resume breeding Steel Dragons in preparation for Metal and Cold Shrines.

Shrine Experience

Moon's Cactus Island

My Cactus Dragons.

I feel it was unwise for me to choose Cactus Dragons to upgrade my shrines. Originally when I planned out which Dragons to use, I chose dragons to lower the breeding times. However, unless you have all the Treats (or DragonCash to buy those treats) that you need when you start, the time spent breeding will be near insignificant when compared to the time spent waiting for more money.

With both my Plant and Lightning boosts on the island with my Cactus Dragons, they make considerable profit per minute. However, neither Plant nor Lightning habitats hold many coins. As such my fifty Cactus Dragons are barely contributing to my funds for treats.

So my word of advice (yes, finally something that might be worth reading)...

When choosing which dragons to raise for upgrading shrines, use dragons which have a decent profit rate and can inhabit a Habitat that can hold a fair amount of coins. That way, the dragons being raised for shrines will actually contribute to your income.

Obviously I recommend using Panlong Dragons for the Water, Earth, Fire, and Air shrines. I suggest Evergreen Dragons (or Paper Dragons if you have them) for the plant and cold elements, and Copper Dragons for the metal and lightning elements.

Park Stats


Last updated: Saturday 27 December, 2014.

Island Art

Here is some pretty art in DragonVale that I have found on the wiki. Please note that none of this is mine; I am not nearly artistic or talented enough to make things such as this.

  • Kirby... on an island.
  • What could be better than a Pikachu?
  • How about two Pikachus?
  • A wild Piplup appeared!
  • Get a life.
  • Watch out - Goomba are coming for you.

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