Formula for the distance of an an earthquake

$ d=\Delta t\frac{((\sqrt{k+4F/3\delta p})-(\sqrt{F/\delta p}))}{((\sqrt{k+4F/3\delta p})(\sqrt{F/\delta p}))} $where$ d $=the distance of the earthquake, $ \Delta t $=the difference in arrival times of the P and S waves, $ k $=the ability of the rock to be compressed, $ F $=the force exerted, $ \delta $=the displacement, $ \frac{F}{\delta} $=the rigitidy of the rock, $ p $=the density of the rock, $ \sqrt{\frac{k+(4F/3\delta)}{p}} $=the velocity of the p waves, and $ \sqrt{\frac{F/\delta}{p}} $ is the velocity of the s waves.

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