Howdy and welcome to our unofficial DragonVale Wiki Help Page, DragonVale Wiki Help Desk!

This is basically a page where all the lists of pages/blogs/etc. for helping out the DragonVale Community are compiled for easy access!

Help Desk

Type of Need Contact Link
For general questions about the wiki, go to:

  • A Community helper will help you as fast as he/she can.
Feedback Page
For spam or vandalism reports, go to: Spam and Vandalism Reports
For file deletion and restoration, go to: File Deletion and Restoration
For Blog Assistance visit:

  • If you want to help with editing some codes, moving the blog, or blog deletion, post your blog needs in Blogging 101's comments section.
Blogging 101
To report an issues with a particular Staff Member, look them up in this link:

  • try and consult with that Staff Member, more specifically through Message Walls.
DragonVale Staff Members
If you have issues with your game and can't really find a solution on how to solve it, go to:

  • If you think you need more assistance for the problem, contact the Game Developers @
Questions and Answers.

Community Helpers:

In this site, we don't only have pages which can help us go around the wiki, we have users who are very dedicated on helping out their co-DV Wiki users too!


Some of our DragonVale Wiki members decided to spread this Help Desk! These DV Helpers have the DV Helper Icon (seen on the right side of this tab) on either their profile pages or on their Message Wall Greetings.

To help share this link, simply add this template on your profile pages or Message Wall Greetings:


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