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Update:I just hopped back to the game (probably only temporarily, but since my friends probably left a long time ago, I would need to restock.

Here's my ID: Crickzilla#1043.

I've noticed how negative and edgy I am. This time, I'm keeping quiet. I remember when I was hyperly-excited for my first Mesolite Dragon. Oh the nostalgia.

Every time I come back to this wiki, I ponder, "Did I really miss so many dragons I would love to have in my park?" As much as I want to return to DragonVale. I think I have enough of indulging in mobile games. DragonVale World shut down a year ago. Who knows that this game will eventually end its life someday?

Thanks for the memories and I apologize for how much a over-negative edgelord I was.-JacquIreBriggs

Thank you wizards for giving this super kawaii dragon in the Pentournamnet! :D

As you've been wondering, I've left the wiki. This game used to be part of my daily life, but now it's starting to get boring. The fact in runs so slow during non-stop events in my phone didn't help either. So goodbye DragonVale.

If you still want to follow me: My DeviantArt is at My Website and my Tumblr has the same username.

Vega Dragon Gift by AnAngrySquirrel

Memories for someone who drew my Vega Dragon idea.