Halley the Comet Dragon

aka Some Random Dragon

  • I live in The outer edge of the Kuiper Belt
  • My occupation is I do not have a life
  • I am a Dragoness (female)


Not done with this part yet...

My Park

I am level 76 as of June 2016.

Islands: 11

Epic breeding Island: Yes

Epic Breeding Sanctuary: No

Enchanted breeding Cave: Yes

Nursery: 5 eggs

Kairos: Yes

Gaia: Yes

Hibernation Cave: 100 dragon capacity

Dragons Crowned: 8 (Cotton, Pepper, River, Glass, Panlong, Nectar, Light Rift, forgot the other one...)

I started  my park in September.

First Hybrid: Poison

First Gemstone: Sapphire

First Epic: Blue Moon

First Limited: Blue Moon

Combo I Used To get Rainbow: Blue Fire and Pollen (after tons of fruitless attempts with other combos, this one gave it to me first try)

Weirdest Random Combo Used To Get An Epic: I got Gold using Panlong and Palladium. I was only random breeding.

Favorite Dragon I Don't Have: Comet

Most Tries to get a Dragon: took 3 months to get midday in the co-op

Dragon I can't Stop Getting: Sun.

Dragons I Used to Hate But Inexplicably Started Liking: Copper, Cactus, Hail.

Thoughts About DragonVale: Best breeding/animal collecting simulation game I've ever played (and I've played LOTS!) Very balanced economy, good graphics, no glitches, and, of course, DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite dragon ever: Apocalypse

Favorite basic dragon: Tie between Air and Light

Least favorite basic dragon: Metal

Favorite hybrid dragon of all time: River

Least favorite hybrid dragon of all time: Glacier

Favorite Limited: Cotton (Firework is close behind)

Least Favorite Limited: Either Love or Reindeer

Favorite Epic: Apocalypse

Least Favorite Epic: Cyclops

First hybrid: Poison

Last hybrid: Wraith

Favorite Opposite: Tie between Shadow and Frostfire

Least Favorite Opposite: Malachite

First Opposite: Blue fire

Last Opposite: Sandstorm

My Gemstone: Pearl

Favorite Gemstone: Ruby (Lapis is very close behind her)

Least Favorite Gemstone: Tie between Jet and Amethyst

Dragons missing: 37

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