aka Ghastly Khaos :/

  • I live in somewhere near nowhere
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is professional madman
  • I am back.

STATUS: Online

Welcome Mr <insert name here>. I've been expecting you... *strokes cat* (see if you can find the hidden message)



  • My chat's working! I'm back! 7/11/12

  • Just thought I'd tell everyone that I'm still alive... o.o 9/10/12

  • Chat's still not working. I had a Skype chat with a Wikia engineer though, but he doesn't know what's going on... 25/9/12

  • Well, chat's dead for me. Gliches, glitches and glitches. WHY ME?!?! I'll try to be back on ASAP, but Wikia keep on forgetting me... -__- 21/9/12

  • PONEH TIME - I has new aveh! 2/9/12

  • My new blog is out! Check out The Elite Team! 1/9/12

  • New fan-fiction coming soon! 31/8/12

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Me, me and me

I'm a 17 year old actor from Surrey, UK. I currently live London, while I'm working in the 5th series of my TV show. My hobbies include acting (duh), cycling, swimming, singing, watching TV and chatting on here.

My Wikia life

I've been on Wikia for about 6 years. I joined this wiki back in March, and so far I haven't discovered the ultimate Rainbow Dragon combo (grr). I like to chat in ... chat, and you'll probably find me there every day. If you wanna be meh buddeh, too late, Justin already is! You probably won't find me editing pages often... If I make no progress on the wiki then I will leave on March 25th 2013. Let's wait and see.

I'm useless at coding, NEVER ASK ME TO HELP WITH IT!!!!!!!

I'm also an admin on DragonMon Wiki, a wiki all about the fan-fiction series created by Pickle

If you need to contact me for any reason and I'm not in chat, just leave a message on my message wall. :P


  • It's called life. Get used to it.
  • Never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. 

Leave me a message if you've got a good one...

My Blogs

I'm not currently running any blogs, though there are two you can check out here.

My Friends

As I once said in chat; this ain't no fancy Facebook thingmajiggy... If you're a friend, then you're a friend. No buttons ;)

Yep, those are the three people that I consider my friends. More should be coming soon :D

Pickle Friend

  • GhastlyKhaos is back..
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