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This page will guide you through some wiki specific regulations, procedures, and game updates.

You can find out more general information about the wiki on the About page.


The FAQ page contains the DragonVale wiki's answers to frequently asked questions, along with a link to the BackFlip Studios site FAQ page.

Answers regarding the most frequently used templates on the wiki, can be found on the following pages:

Game Updates

The Game Updates page contains information regarding previous updates; please note that we, the DragonVale wiki do not know what will be in upcoming updates.

The following pages contain information regarding updates in more specific ways:

  • Release Calendar, contains info regarding dragons and other content is released into the game.
  • Facebook Feed, containing BackFlip Studios' current facebook updates.
  • Twitter Feed, containing BackFlip Studios' current twitter updates.
  • Instagram Feed, containing a scrolling box containing pictures from BackFlip Studios' Instagram photos.

Rules and Policies

These are the wiki rules and policies, and they range from chat rules and policies, to administration policies, to editing guidelines.

Enforcement rules

  • Rules and policies enforcement guidelines, are the the logistics behind the enforcement of the rules, ranging from level one infractions, to level three infractions, to bans.
  • Chat enforcement guidelines, explain what goes into the figuring of offenses in chat, and how they are handled by staff.
  • Appeal Process, If you feel you were wrongly banned or blocked, you have 24 hours to make an appeal, and the appeal process page will tell you how.


Want to be affiliated with the DragonVale wiki? The following links will help you in your quest to achieve affiliation.

  • Affiliated Sites, contains current affiliates, rules, regulations and the explanation for the process on how to become affiliated.
  • Affiliated Sites Request, is the place to go to fill out a request to be affiliated with the DragonVale wiki.
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