aka Drake

  • I live in Planet Earth
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is Being a boss.
  • I am A guy


Panda-ani <------ Dancing Panda oh yeah!!

Update: I'm done with the wikia, for personal reasons. To get my mind straight. I will be back although you won't notice when I am.


Inactive user

Hello =] my name is DrakeAwesome®. You can call me DR for short. I joined the DV wikia so I could contribute as much as I can. I mostly edit pages and am active on chat.

If you have any questions. go here:My Message Wall I'll be more then happy to answer your question(s). Please don't posts rude or mean messages I will ignore them.

My Deviantart profile: Deviantart check out my works------->

IOS7GameCenterIconGAME CENTERIOS7GameCenterIcon

Go ahead and add me! Don't gift me if you expect a Gem template in return because I'm already in a Gem template circle. Free gifts are always welcome! If I have extra gifts I might surprise ya! ;)


6: Starting island, Ebs, 2nd island, 3rd island, 4th island, and the 5th island.

13/16 needed: Double Rainbow all the way, Every Last One, and Water Competitor.

Top 10% Park Value: 339,981,707

Gold:0 Silver: Fire and Plant. Bronze: Earth, Lightning, Cold, Water, Air, and Metal.

Highscores 500Gem template 200,000Treat template 50,000,000Coin template

49Gem template 20,000Treat template 2,000,000Coin template


Ruby and Peridot.

Panlong, Solstice, and Firework.

Gold (treasure) Bronze,Silver and Gold Olympus, and Seasonal.

Bluefire and Malachite.

Please don't use anything from my profile without asking. I will let you use it, just ask beforehand =]Thank You.

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