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DragonHawk Dragon WTL

"The Mighty DragonHawk Dragon fly's through the Tar'or Mountains. Able to breathe fire, it's the perfect predator, attacking enemies on earth and in flight. The Famous Wizard Hawk Tamed this mighty beast, Who has the eyes of a Hawk and the strength of a Dragon."
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Level 30


Fire, Air, Earth
Incubation Time 17 hours

Breeding Time

17 hours

13 hours 40 minutes

Buying Price

Gem template 777,777

Selling Price Coin template 7,000,000
Hatch 700,000 Xp

- Ive been playing Dragonvale since October 2011.

- I have all Dragons

- My Favorite Dragon is the Solar Eclipse Dragon

Call Me Hawk, DragonHawk or D-Hawk.

Park Info

- My park is Level 40

- Shrines: I Have all Bronze shrines except my Plant Shrine which is silver

- Boosts: I have all Boosts

- I have all Gamecenter Achievements

- I reached my 1,000,000,000 park value mark on July 24th

Rare Dragons

- I got all Gemstones

- I got Sun and Moon by accident

- Got the Solstice on my 4th try

- Got the Equinox on my 17th try

- Got the Solar Eclipse Dragon on my 2nd try

- Got The Lunar Eclipse Dragon on my 4th try

- Got the Blue Moon on my 16th try

- Got try Paper on my 3rd try with Moss/Frostfire

- I got my first Rainbow with Firefly/Seaweed and my second while trying to get the Panlong

- I got my First and Second Panlong with Fog/Lava in a row after the annoying Rainbow waiting time

- I Got Silver Olympus on 1st try, Bronze Olympus on my 9th try and the Gold Olympus on my 53rd try

- I got the Seasonal on my 5th Try.

- I got the Gold (Treasure) on my 39th try and The Silver (Treasure) 1st try, I got Platinum on my 29th try

- I finally got the LYD in the "Bring Em' Back" BFS Event with Swamp/Firefly

Legendary Dragons

- I Got Kairos In about 1 week of On and Off Racing


These are my DragonVale Park Islands:

  • My 2nd Island
  • My 3rd Island
  • My 4th Island
  • My 5th Island
  • My 6th Island
  • My 7th Island
  • My 1st Island

- I have all 7 islands plus the Epic Breeding Island and The Gemstone Island

- I placed 33 habitats so far with at least one of each kind

My Dragon Ideas

  • Xiaoxuan Dai's Eclipse Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Mantis Dragon
  • My favorite WTL's Sapphire Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Ghost Dragon
  • WTL's Fusion Dragon
  • WTL's Majestic Dragon
  • Xiaoxuan Dai's Photon Dragon
  • Xiaoxuan Dai's Aurora Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Equinox Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Robot Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Red Moon Dragon
  • Lala96xx's Battle Dragon
  • My Golden Anniversary Avatar by SynergyShade
  • WTL's Ember Dragon
  • WTL's Synergy Dragon dedicated to SynergyShade
  • SynergyShade's Hawk Dragon Dedicated to Me
  • WTL's DragonHawk Dragon Dedicated to Me

I would love if BFS created new purebred dragons (Light and Dark Dragons)

And I would love to see all the Dragons ideas From Lala96xx , Xiaoxuan Dai , SynergyShade and WhiteTigerlily in The Game


  • Please Check Out My Light and Dark Dragon Blog

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