aka Celestial

  • I live in The Bahamas (nah, jk I wish I did though)
  • I was born on September 12
Phillipines dragon image

My newest OC

Awesome animie


Hello <insert name here> ! You are currently on my profile page. Please take a moment to read some facts about my life and enjoy! :D

COOL FACT: Me and Escalade rabbit8 are sisters

Ok, now a little info on myself! :D

1.)I love pigs

2.)I can't tell you exactly what grade I'm in but I can tell you this: I am in middle school right now

3.)I was born on September 12th so I am a sapphire dragon and my zodiac is a Virgo

4.)I am Chinese and Fillipino

5.)My favorite time of the year is Christmas

Now you know a bit about me! :D

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