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NOTE: i dont mind you using the code but at least change things to your info please...

hi! my name is Bre

poll at the end of the badge section :) please vote! and be honest guys

Love the rainbow<3


it's been beautifully done! i love it


Dragons I dont have

Account Br318: not adding anymore friends ._.


Normal~ AbyssDragonBabyAcidDragonBaby ArcticDragonBaby CryptDragonBaby FlashDragonBaby GlareDragonBaby HowlDragonBaby HypnoticDragonBaby MiasmaDragonBaby MirageDragonBabyNectarDragonBaby OozeDragonBaby OrchidDragonBaby PalladiumDragonBaby PhantomDragonBaby PromethiumDragonBaby RadiantDragonBaby ShadowDragonBaby SparkDragonBaby SulfurDragonBaby WindDragonBaby WispDragonBaby WraithDragonBaby

Epic~ DoubleRainbowDragonBaby DreamDragonBaby GoldDragonBaby OuroborosDragonBaby SilverDragonBaby SnowyGoldDragonBaby



Account crazygirl1718:


Normal~ AcidDragonBaby ArcticDragonBaby CaveDragonBaby CryptDragonBaby CurrentDragonBaby FlashDragonBaby FungusDragonBaby GammaDragonBaby GlareDragonBaby HeatDragonBaby HowlDragonBaby HypnoticDragonBaby IronwoodDragonBaby MalachiteDragonBaby MiasmaDragonBaby MirageDragonBaby NightshadeDragonBaby OozeDragonBaby OrchidDragonBaby PalladiumDragonBaby PhantomDragonBaby PromethiumDragonBaby RadiantDragonBaby RootDragonBaby RuinDragonBaby ShadowDragonBaby SparkDragonBaby SulfurDragonBabyWatchDragonBaby WindDragonBaby WispDragonBaby WraithDragonBaby

Epic~ BronzeDragonBabyBronzeOlympusDragonBaby DreamDragonBaby ElectrumDragonBabyGoldOlympusDragonBaby OuroborosDragonBaby SeasonalDragonBaby


Legendary~ KairosAdult

My favorite dragon eggs

RubyDragonEgg BlueMoonDragonEgg EquinoxDragonEgg BlueFireDragonEgg FrostfireDragonEgg EvergreenDragonEgg RainDragonEgg MoonDragonEgg SunDragonEgg PanlongDragonEgg LoveDragonEgg SakuraDragonEgg ButterflyDragonEgg SolsticeDragonEgg FireworkDragonEgg PaperDragonEgg EmeraldDragonEgg PearlDragonEgg OpalDragonEgg BoneDragonEgg GhostDragonEgg TopazDragonEgg SolarEclipseDragonEgg ReindeerDragonEgg TurquoiseDragonEgg ApocalypseDragonEgg GarnetDragonEgg CyclopsDragonEgg AmethystDragonEgg CenturyDragonEgg BlizzardDragonEgg RoseDragonEgg AquamarineDragonEgg SpringDragonEgg DiamondDragonEgg JadeDragonEgg LightDragonEgg CryptDragonEgg PhantomDragonEgg WindDragonEgg DoubleRainbowDragonEgg ElectrumDragonEgg BronzeDragonEgg OuroborosDragonEgg AmberDragonEgg CelticDragonEgg CottonDragonEgg AutumnDragonEgg LightRiftDragonEgg(both rifts) MistletoeDragonEgg NightshadeDragonEggArcticDragonEgg NectarDragonEgg DreamDragonEgg OvalithDragonEggMoonstruckDragonEgg

Favorite dragons <3

EvergreenDragonAdult RainDragonAdult ForgeDragonBaby ScoriaDragonBaby MoonDragonBaby SilverDragonBaby PanlongDragonBaby LoveDragonBaby FireworkDragonBaby BlueMoonDragonBaby EquinoxDragonBaby PaperDragonBaby EmeraldDragonBabyRubyDragonBaby OpalDragonBabyAutumnSeasonalDragonAdult AutumnSeasonalDragonBaby CopperDragonBaby BoneDragonBaby GhostDragonBaby TopazDragonBaby SmokeDragonBaby LunarEclipseDragonBaby TurquoiseDragonBaby ApocalypseDragonBaby GarnetDragonBaby AmethystDragonBaby CenturyDragonBaby RoseDragonBaby RiverDragonBaby AquamarineDragonBaby SpringDragonBaby DiamondDragonAdult JadeDragonBaby LuminousDragonAdult GlassDragonBaby HeatDragonAdult GlareDragonBaby ShimmerDragonAdult HypnoticDragonAdult OuroborosDragonAdult AmberDragonBaby ButterflyDragonAdult AutumnDragonAdult MistletoeDragonBaby CottonDragonBaby WinterDragonBaby ArcticDragonBaby NectarDragonBaby LotusDragonBaby WindDragonBaby OrchidDragonBaby

Least Favorite Eggs and color Dx...

TreeDragonEgg LavaDragonEgg MossDragonEgg MountainDragonEgg AshDragonEgg CrystalDragonEgg StormDragonEgg LunarEclipseDragonEgg ThunderDragonEgg RiverDragonEgg JetDragonEgg ZombieDragonEgg GlareDragonEgg

Least favorite dragons -_- and second least favorite color...

TreeDragonAdult LavaDragonAdult MountainDragonAdult CrystalDragonAdult StormDragonAdult MudDragonAdult ThunderDragonAdult BronzeDragonAdult GammaDragonAdult RootDragonAdult

Br318 Dragon

Happy Labor Day

Pickle Friend

ForgeDragonAdult This user is a howling friend of Wolfie!

AmethystDragonAdult This User is a special friend of Eddie$212. GarnetDragonAdult AquamarineDragonAdult TopazDragonAdult OpalDragonAdult EmeraldDragonAdult SapphireDragonAdult PearlDragonAdult TurquoiseDragonAdult RubyDragonAdult DiamondDragonAdult

November 2nd, 2012 marked a momentous feat in DV Wikia history. We hosted our very own Expose Day where many secrets were put out in the open. Here are some of the day's highlights:
Time Element Nate is a Mac who ran away with a PC and gave birth to an iPad and a Surface

Blue is a Cardinal fan who lives in Chicago
Moon is really Essiw trying to get away from his GF
Zordon is a wannabe Zorro with a tin foil plunger and uses black underwear as a mask
Wolfie is an English professor at Oxford University
AHKM has a billionaire boyfriend and her internet subscriber charges her per word
JustinDaOne is formally known as JustineDaMiddleAged
Lulu is a pervy minister who marries people against their will
Echo is a Romney fan
DT has a forbidden passion for dissing
Joy is formally known as James
Bre had a failed affair with Justine
Justine left Bre to marry Joy aka James, and they ran off to Hawaii to get married

Time Element

SilverDragonAdult This User Is A Participant in Joy's Challenge! SilverDragonBaby

Water lover

SapphireDragonBaby Br318 is Joyful's Friend SapphireDragonBaby


Card of alliance

ReindeerDragonAdult Merry Christmas! ReindeerDragonBaby

Blader badge of friendship

SapphireDragonAdultwinner of Emerillas blog SilverDragonAdult



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Draft lenslm19015462 1326179813maplestory-meso-bag RubyDragonAdultDraft lenslm19015462 1326179813maplestory-meso-bag

CheezeThis user is in Meso's Cheese ClubCheeze

Winner of Jorge's blog... RANDOM QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! Question number 11 winner!

Winner of Jorge's blog... RANDOM RIDDLE OF THE RANDOM MOMENT!! Question number 23 winner!

Leajey Badge of Awesomness


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RubyDragonAdult"i tried to beat dragonvale but it won.. and i became addicted"RubyDragonAdult

Wolfie's awesome buddy!
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