Bane Cane/Gemstone Island Description Change Switch Test

Basic - 1st Upgrade - 2nd Upgrade

Island - Top - Right - Left - Bottom

Bane Cane/Gemstone Island Description Change Switch Test
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Level 11
Summon Time 24 Hours
Buying Price

Coin template 400,000

Island - Top - Right - Left- Bottom

In an amazing feat of wizardry, this beautiful island hosts several habitats to house up to twelve rare gemstone dragons! Various crystalline formations were imported from the Shimmering Isles, ensuring that your gemstone dragons would feel at home. Luminous Crystals float around the island and are known to be quite sharp, but through extensive wizard testing we've identified the dangerous edges and made them safe for your guests.
  — Game Description 

Max Capacity

The Bane Cane/Gemstone Island Description Change Switch Test has four habitats. The Max Capacity is evaluated for each individual gemstone habitat.

Habitat Name Dragon Capacity Gem template to Upgrade
Gemstone Island 3 Dragons 0
Large Gemstone Island 4 Dragons 25
Giant Gemstone Island 5 Dragons 50


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  • This is the Gemstone Island Concept Artwork made by Backflip Studios.
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