Hello! ^-^

My name is AndyKhaos. I joined the Dragonvale Wikia to learn more about the mechanics of the game and to pass on any knowledge that I possess. I am an active user on the chat and can be a great guy once you get to know me.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a message on my Message Wall. I'll be more then happy to address them promptly.


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November 2nd, 2012 marked a momentous feat in DV Wikia history. We hosted our very own Expose Day where many secrets were put out in the open. Here are some of the day's highlights:
Time Element.png Nate is a Mac who ran away with a PC and gave birth to an iPad and a Surface

Blue is a Cardinal fan who lives in Chicago
Moon is really Essiw trying to get away from his GF
Zordon is a wannabe Zorro with a tin foil plunger and uses black underwear as a mask
Wolfie is an English professor at Oxford University
AHKM has a billionaire boyfriend and her internet subscriber charges her per word
JustinDaOne is formally known as JustineDaMiddleAged
Lulu is a pervy minister who marries people against their will
Echo is a Romney fan
DT has a forbidden passion for dissing
Joy is formally known as James
Bre had a failed affair with Justine
Justine left Bre to marry Joy aka James, and they ran off to Hawaii to get married

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Only use to know i was talking about kingdoem hearts!!!!

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