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August 30: I got my blue profile :3 Adithyæ24 Talk | Contribs 22:52, August 30, 2012 (UTC)

August 31: This user became HurricaneKhaos's friend! :D

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Adithyæ24 Adithyæ24 21 September 2012

The Daily Question (s)

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Adithyæ24 Adithyæ24 31 August 2012

Our Wiki Turns One Soon! :)

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Adithyæ24 Adithyæ24 24 August 2012

My newest Signature - Inspired by chocolate bolt of lightning (chocobalt)

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Winner-illustration.jpg Adithyæ24 HAS WON JORGE'S DV WIKI HUNT!! Winner up.jpg

Winner of Jorge's blog... RANDOM RIDDLE OF THE RANDOM MOMENT!! Question number 20 winner!

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Party with ponies over here!
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