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Important.png Effective August 8, 2013
The "Uncommon Breeding" Rule Was Removed From the Game

Mechanics of Uncommon Dragons

Prior to August 8, 2013, a special set of rules applied to uncommon dragons.

Uncommon dragons are dragons that had a special set of rules to breed. Each of these dragons has a common counterpart that would have been bred more often while the uncommon property was present.

  • Uncommon dragons had a lower chance of being bred than their more common counterpart when using basic dragons.

The Uncommon Dragons

IcebergDragonButton.png SteelDragonButton.png QuicksilverDragonButton.png
Iceberg Steel Quicksilver
ForgeDragonButton.png CopperDragonButton.png ScoriaDragonButton.png
Forge Copper Scoria
EvergreenDragonButton.png PollenDragonButton.png RainDragonButton.png
Evergreen Pollen Rain
AshDragonButton.png ObsidianDragonButton.png SmokeDragonButton.png
Ash Obsidian Smoke
GlacierDragonButton.png HailDragonButton.png BlizzardDragonButton.png
Glacier Hail Blizzard
ThunderDragonButton.png RiverDragonButton.png MeteorDragonButton.png
Thunder River Meteor


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