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Twin Dragons can be bred in the Cooperative Breeding Cave.

Twin Dragons appear when either the player or the player's friend breeds one.

Twin Dragons will appear in the Gifts Section of the Social Menu if the player's friend breeds one.

Upon opening the game the player will receive a message notifying him or her which friend has bred a twin dragon with his or her own dragon.

Appearance Differences

Twin Dragons appear differently than other dragons.

The most noticeable difference is a blue orb which hovers above the dragon's head from levels 1 through level 10.

When the dragon is level 11 to 19 the orb will have a blue glow around it, and the symbol inside the orb will be gold.

  • If the dragon is an Epic Dragon, then the Epic Dragon Star will appear blue instead of gold.

When the dragon is level 20, a blue and gold star resembling the symbol of the Galaxy Dragons will appear instead of a golden crown.

When the dragon is an Elder Dragon, the Elder Crown will turn blue instead of bright yellow.

The buttons viewable from a habitat have a blue background and a yellow glow border instead of the usual gray stone background.

Likewise, when in the description menu the background will be blue and have a yellow glow border instead of the usual tan dragon scale background.

Twin Dragons eggs have a blue glow over them, and if placed on a pedestal the egg pedestal will also receive a blue glow around the egg on it.



  • Twin dragons were introduced to the game on May 5, 2015.
  • It is not necessary to hatch a twin dragon before you can receive a new one. However, it is not possible to receive more than ten twin dragons when not playing the game.
  • Backflip Studios issued a special promotion for DragonVale players on October 9, 2015 which gave player an opportunity to breed twin dragons by increasing the chance to breed a twin in the Cooperative Breeding Cave to 100%. The special promotion ended on October 12, 2015.

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