Traits are given to some dragons through rift breeding or by using the [ Transfiguration Tower] on dragons in the rift.

Players can use the transfiguration tower to change the trait of a dragon. If a player previously hatched a dragon of the same type with the desired trait, they can then change the new Dragon of that type to that trait. Players can also also unlock new traits in the tower by spending Etherium.

Example: If the player has a Coral Dragon with a lightning trait and then breeds a Coral Dragon with a water trait, the Coral Dragon with the water trait can be sold and the player will still be able to switch the existing Coral Dragon with the lightning trait to the water trait at the Transfiguration Tower. The player will also be able to use the transfiguration tower to change any future coral dragon in the rift to either the lightning or water trait.

Some dragons may require a dragon with a specific trait along with other requirements from the rift breeding pair in order to be bred.

Example: The Kampos Dragon requires there to be at least one water trait to be bred.

All dragons which are rift-hyrbids have at least one trait which it can possess, but not all traits will be given to all hybrids.

Example: The Fire Rift Dragon only possesses the fire trait.

Different Types

There are ten different types of traits currently in DragonVale.

Thus far, the traits match with the primary elements in DragonVale.

  • Plant, Fire, Earth, Cold, Lightning, Water, Air, Metal, Light, and Dark.

Although it isn't guaranteed, there is a stronger chance a certain trait may pass onto a dragon if it is bred during that specific trait's rift alignment.

Example: If the rift alignment is set to "dark" and the player is trying to breed a Meadow Dragon, there is a stronger chance the resulting dragon will receive a "dark" trait than one of the other traits.

Below are the icons of the different traits which can be viewed from the rift alignment menu.

PlantRiftAlignment FireRiftAlignment EarthRiftAlignment ColdRiftAlignment LightningRiftAlignment WaterRiftAlignment AirRiftAlignment MetalRiftAlignment LightRiftAlignment DarkRiftAlignment
Plant Fire Earth Cold Lightning Water Air Metal Light Dark

Aesthetic Appearance

Whichever trait a dragon has will influence its aesthetic appearance.

Below are examples of a section a dragon may have in its wings or body if it contains a specific trait:

PlantTraitAesthetic FireTraitAesthetic EarthTraitAesthetic ColdTraitAesthetic LightningTraitAesthetic WaterTraitAesthetic AirTraitAesthetic MetalTraitAesthetic LightTraitAesthetic DarkTraitAesthetic
Plant Fire Earth Cold Lightning Water Air Metal Light Dark


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