"The Vault of Abundance rewards you a Vault Chest every day. It is rumored that a long time ago, the legendary Vault Dragon Ts'aishen once made his roost on a similar habitat. Unfortunately, the three relics that draw Ts'aishen to roost have been lost to time. If a lucky wizard or witch were to find the Token of Fire, Token of Luck, and Binding of Prosperity, perhaps their combined magic could summon Ts'aishen?"
  — Game Description 


The Token of Fire is the first stage that must be completed before being able to summon Ts'aishen. To complete this stage, the player has to collect ten different fragments. The only ways to collect these fragments are to trade in abundant essence or be fortunate enough to earn a fragment from a daily vault chest.

The Fragments

Image Position Price
90px Outer Ring Top Abundant essence template 200
TokenOfFire-OuterRingLeft Outer Ring Left Abundant essence template 200
90px Outer Ring Bottom Abundant essence template 400
TokenOfFire-OuterRingRight Outer Ring Right Abundant essence template 400
90px Inner Ring Top Left Abundant essence template 800
TokenOfFire-InnerRingTopRight Inner Ring Top Right Abundant essence template 800
TokenOfFire-InnerRingCenterLeft Inner Ring Center Left Abundant essence template 1,750
TokenOfFire-InnerRingCenterRight Inner Ring Center Right Abundant essence template 1,750
90px Inner Ring Bottom Left Abundant essence template 1,000
TokenOfFire-InnerRingBottomRight Inner Ring Bottom Right Abundant essence template 1,000
Total Abundant essence template 8,300


  • Token of Fire While Incomplete Example
  • Fragment Obtained From A Vault Chest Example
  • Buying Fragment Example
  • Buying Fragment Reconfirm Example
  • Token of Fire Ready to Summon


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