Time Claw

"The Time Claw is a magical golden sundial. When placed atop the Chronolith, it charts the web of space and time. The great Tharbin Ironweaver forged this piece from one of Kairos' claw fragments, broken off and forgotten since time immemorial. The Time Claw creates a magical conduit between your park, where time flows only one direction, and Kairos, for whom time is really more of a guideline."
  — Game Description 


The Time Claw is the second stage that must be completed before being able to summon Kairos. To complete this stage, you have to collect seven different time fragments. The only ways to collect these fragments are to win them in the Dragon Track, have your dragon collect them from quests, or to buy each fragment with gems.

The Fragments

Image Position Price Quest Time
TimeClaw TopLeft Top Left Gem template 75 3 hours
TimeClaw TopCentre Top Center Gem template 75 4 hours
TimeClaw Centre Center Gem template 75 6 hours
TimeClaw TopRight Top Right Gem template 75 9 hours
TimeClaw BottomRight Bottom Right Gem template 150 13 hours
TimeClaw BottomCentre Bottom Center Gem template 150 18 hours
TimeClaw BottomLeft Bottom Left Gem template 300 24 hours


  • If one were to purchase every piece (as opposed to racing in the Dragon Track or completing quests), the Time Claw would cost Gem template 900.

Possible References

  • The phrase "time is really more of a guideline" is a likely reference to "Ghostbusters", in which Peter Venkman states that his rule "never to get involved with possessed people" is "more of a guideline than a rule". The phrase was also used in "Pirates of the Caribbean" in reference to the pirate code.

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