• How are you? I miss seeing you around and hope that you are doing well.

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    • Hi Katie, I've missed you too!  It seems whenever I am on, I never see you...then I get busy or like now, am dealing with a health issue that keeps me sidelined!  I keep wanting to get more involved in the chat room or in editing, but everytime I get on a roll, something interferes.  That seems to be a message to me that perhaps this is not a good time to try to take on more responsibility here, much as I would like to.  

      How was your trip?  I hope everything went well and you enjoyed the kids!  Hope everything is fine with you and I'll try to catch up to you sometime in chat when we can talk.  

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    • All is well here. My time in California was awesome! Work is a bit insane and the wiki is, as always, the wiki!

      Hope you are feeling stronger and healthy very soon.

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