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    Proposal for Redesigning Individual Habitat, Building, and Decoration Pages

    It has been a while since User:~=(iNate)=~ presented the new dragonbox. I was new to the wiki and had expected a change to our other pages as well - but it never came. These are a few ideas, all based off of Nate's sandbox A...

    Note:These are just examples! If the community chooses to follow some or all of these designs, all pages will replicate these designs.

    Habitat Redesigns

    • Limit Pages


    A single habitat set for an element takes up 3 pages: Fire Habitat Large Fire Habitat and Giant Fire Habitat for example. These can be replaced with one page that uses a simple (not) switch. This can be seen here. This could be used to replace all of the basic elements (plant, fire, earth, lightning, water, cold, air and metal) and their respective habitat sets.

    -Certain Epics

    Similar to the Basic->Large->Giant phase, certain epics such as the sun element, undergo a change of Basic-> Large. The change can be expressed here

    OTHER: Some epics do not have any upgrades;the Treasure Habitat we would have the Redesigned Treasure Habitat.

    • Same Pages, Different Design


    The pages will have the same content but they would change similar like to the individual Dragon page redesign. Instead of the Fire Habitat we would have the Redesigned Fire Habitat. Instead of the Large Fire Habitat we would have the Redesigned Large Fire Habitat. Instead of the Giant Fire Habitat we would have the Redesigned Giant Fire Habitat.


    Similar to the above design of the habitats listed above: instead of the Sun Habitat we would have the Redesigned Sun Habitat. Instead of the Large Sun Habitat we would have Redesigned Large Sun Habitat.

    Building Redesigns

    • Shrines

    The same content would work from the Plant Shrine to the Redesigned Plant Shrine.

    • Colosseum

    Instead of the Colosseum to the Redesigned Colosseum.

    More info about the following decoration designs will be added soon!

    User:TheWizardz786™/Decoration Sandbox

    User:TheWizardz786™/Decoration Sandbox2

    User:TheWizardz786™/Decoration Sandbox3

    User:TheWizardz786™/Decoration Sandbox4

    Just to sum things up: User:TheWizardz786™/May_Redesigns

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    • Wow!I really love these ideas.They are so cool.Okay!So, if I would to choose between combining three or two pages into one and not combining them.....hmmmmm.....My vote would go to not combining them.Reason: So that all pages on the wiki are consistent.From dragons individual page to decorations, habitats, etc.All of them will be consistent.(as in no switches).

      EDIT: Besides that, I also think that it would be possible to remove the gallery which has the old habitat pictures.Wait!hehe..Wizzy!Would it be possible to add switches of old and new, if the pages are not combined?Just like the Redesign of Plant Shrine page.In my personal opinion, this would make the page to be more neat :)

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    • I would combine all of them, because it would become easier for people to access the habitats, and they wouldn't have to keep flipping through several pages when the information would be there.

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    • I'm probably going to steal some of Frost's thunder but...

      I like using the dragonbox design for the pages... however, having the all element (fire, etc) habitats on one page will make any future updating more complicated than it needs to be... the Habitat Variable (much like the Dragon Variable) (and assuming that's how this will work) will be more complex than it would need to be. It's one thing to have only the image change but to have the information change as well makes for some unnecessary complexity in terms of updates. Having complexity in updating will more than likely intimidate some users from updating... maybe not even in terms of intimidation... just the thought of having to deal with complex coding would make me not want to touch it.

      Again, I like using the dragonbox design... but I think it would be better to leave them separate... maybe just link to the other habitats (i.e. Fire Habitat would have a link the Large, Large would have a link to both and Giant would have a link to both...)...

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    • As have already been said (Celt -_-)..

      The dragonbox design is great, and we'll likely have to create new variables and such for the new design. The design should have been implemented long ago and it feels very effective to deploy onto our pages.

      I would rather keep our pages separate rather than a switch.

      As Adriano has said, the pages should remain consistent... I wouldn't want a page that groups everything together... much like how I wouldn't want a single decoration page that has a 67-way switch. If it is a different item in the game, it should remain separate for the purposes of it being easier on the eyes and less complicated, easier to edit for many as a switch would lock off Visual mode, and easier to keep track of when we find pages of items int the game.

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    • Well...I like this idea too.

      Anyway...I made one for decorations too.. thanks too wiz and frost.

      Seems everyone said all I wanted to say anyway :P

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    • gonna be quick:

      yea, ive been waiting for this ...

      I dont think we shud combine pages... cuz thats what one looks like. I think we shud just add the dragonbox-like format to the pages. I also think we shud use colors from the preexisting dragon pages for the box headers, and please change the background from the purple to the yellow-ish/light green-sigh ones on the dragons...

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    • This is really great. As pickle said, combining pages wouldn't be great. I still fully support.

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    • I was talking about this with Frost, and I think I also told Wiz about it(?) but I told frost that before we present these ideas, it would have been better if we set the "Dragon Variable" for the habitats first (say, "Habitat Variable"). Once we set the Habitat Variable, the thread will go smoothly as to improving how it looks, and the arrangements of the tables only.

      However, I guess we can discuss the look of it even if we don't have the proper coding right now. 

      So far I am liking the design -- since it will be consistent to our dragon pages. And as I mentioned in chat, I don't agree with putting same habitats (Fire Habitats) in one page and just switching them. We aren't lacking space on the wiki for us to compile 3 different things together -- even if they correlate -- so I think separate pages is a better presentation for them.

      As for designs, I made one also. I added "Upgradable From" and "Upgradable To" on the format, so we can stay with the habitats being separated in terms of pages. Here it is: ~

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    • As others have mentioned, I also think we should not combine the pages. The community is used to how they are separate and are easy to navigate to as separate pages. Also, the switches don't always work correctly in mobile mode.

      Also, for the habitat examples where Wiz has "Upgradable from" and "Upgradable to" I think it would look better if we put that underneath the box so the habitat image looks bigger, if Justin's edit does not work correctly. That is just an aesthetic preference of mine which others may or may not agree with. I really like the placement of Justin's location for this information though. Also keep in mind we would need this on certain buildings such as the Treat Farms.

      I also think as Pickle mentioned that we should keep the background color consistent with the individual dragonbox background colors.

      In addition, I agree with what Celtic and Frost mentioned regarding setting up variable codes for these habitat, building, and decoration pages.

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    • I peronsallly am not a huge fan of combining them for coding purposes..but it is so nice to be able to press one thing and have the entire page change to compare things.

      For example, if i am a new user and i go on to the sun habitat page, i see that information - but i am not sure what is in the large habitat/"why should i upgrade?". With the switch it just seems more convinent. 

      I think those rows take up a lot of space and sort of shrink the page out, justin :3

      As for a habitat variable..ya..i think we need nate :O

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    • Oh my that's why we can't have this highlighted just yet, Bane. We don't have the proper codes for it just yet; as of right now, I think only Nate can do it, and Frost and me are just about to experiment on the code -- which will not happen by today or so.

      It's hard to present a half-built proposal.

      ...Anyway, Wiz- I don't think it shrinks the page much, but I really think adding a section for "Upgrabale from" and "Upgradable to" is better than adding those notes under the habitat pictures. ~

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    • TheWizardz786™ wrote:

      As for a habitat variable..ya..i think we need nate :O

      We could probably do it.. we'd just have to use a lot of info from the current DragonBox template.

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    • I agree with Justin regarding the placement of those details.

      We probably do need Nate to help out, but I will try to look at the code anyway to see if some of it makes sense to me to try to work with.

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    • Alright that will suffice for now Bane. Atleast we have people who will try and work the codes out. It's bad if we finalize this thread with the set options chosen, and will only struggle more because we didn't do the proper codes for them. Thanks, and Frost and I will try and incorporate tests about this in the future too. ~

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    • I just wanted to say that for dragons released with other dragons/decor, we shud still keep the part of the note that says it was released with X. Or at least I think we should...

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    • Pickle786™ wrote: I just wanted to say that for dragons released with other dragons/decor, we shud still keep the part of the note that says it was released with X. Or at least I think we should...

      I thought that would stay in the notes of the respective pages.

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    • Yea kinda posted it on the wrong thread but.. still, i guess lol. -goes with the flow-

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    • @Frost, I worked with nate on some of the templates involved with the dragonbox, and I can say it is not easy and rather complex, there are multiple complex templates involved and it can take a long while to figure them out. Might just be easier and quicker to ask nate to help us ;) since he made them all.

      @thread, I agree with the others that we should not combine the habitats, and if we do the basic one should be the landing page (so the reverse order of now). I like the boxes. Btw it is not needed to make a whole new database, but it might be easier for use in the future.

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    • Pickle786™ wrote:
      please change the background from the purple to the yellow-ish/light green-sigh ones on the dragons...

      Please... that current background (the purplish gray) is horrible, in my opinion... plus changing it to the one used in the dragonbox would help keep things consistent... but even if we don't want that can we please at least use something lighter? :)

      Edit: Oh, and I like Justin's where in place of the Boosts from the dragons he has the links to the upgrades :)... (can't believe I just agreed with Justin... again -_-) Jk... xD

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    • I took a glance at the coding for the Dragon Variables and as Essiw mentioned it is really complex and it would probably be best to ask Nate for assistance on this since he did the work on the Dragon Variables we want to base this on.

      I can look at it some more, but would rather not risk messing anything up by accident in the current variables without at least some more insight about how the Dragon Variables were created.

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    • Yes, which is why I asked that keep this for mainly suggestions, as we don't even know how to work on the codes. It would have been best if we presented this with the community, and we already know how the coding works, so it is a much faster process. 

      But anyway, let's hope we can get Nate, or any coder who can do the coding, to run tests on this; as it turns out, it's not really that easy -- coming from Essiw, who himself has knowledge on codings needed for this variable. ~

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    • I removed the highlight the other day, but I originally had highlighted it because we highlight page redesign discussions in the past.

      Anyways, I'm not sure if Nate knows about this thread but perhaps we should ask him.

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    • Hi, I got the message and read this thread. I'll look into it as soon as I am able.

      HOPEFULLY, today.

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    • I'm all for the box template, but please keep the pages separate.

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    • What happened to this thread. Is Nate still making the DragonVale variables or did we forget...

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    • I think Nate hasn't had the time to look at it yet, but will try to if his schedule becomes less busy.

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    • Last I heard in the chat room was that a design layout has yet to be picked. The variables will be based upon the final design.

      So figure that part out first. :)

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