• I'm interested in hearing about your epic island!! Mine has a collesseum in the middle,, with some olympuses in the top center habitat and two seasonalss to the right but with also some golds and silvers to the left. Tright under thee seasonal habitat are three rainbows.. Then I also have tsome celtics nearby. Along with some saun aundu mooon welements dragons. Then back to the treasure habitat, along with some assorted decorations, my storage tower, and a food farm huge (huge).........

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    • It has twisted bamboo and skytrees scattered all over, a large sun habitat and large moon habitat next to each other with a well inbetween, an umbral sculpture next ot the  sun habitat, a, ARGH, I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT ITS CALLED, next to the moon habitat, a rainbow habitat with a vernal fountain next to it, a treasure habitat, an empty seasonal habitat, an empty olympus habitat, and egg pedestals almost surrounding the entrance portal, which is in the center of the island. In short, my epic island looks, well, EPIC!

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    • Oh, I also have a moon dragon, an equinox dragon, a gold dragon, and a rainbow dragon.

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    • You're jail broken

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    • I have two epic islands.

      The fourth island is my first epic island. It contains:

      Two olympus habitats with 2 silver olympuses, 2 Gold olympuses, one bronze olympus, and one cyclops. Two gold habitats with one of each treasure dragon. Two seasonal habitats with two of each seasonal dragons.

      The seventh island is my second epic.

      3 rainbow habitats with 1 celtic, 3 rainbows, and 2 leap years. 3 sun habitats with 2 sun dragons, 3 equinoxes, 3 solar eclipses, and one lunar eclipse. 3 moon habitats with 2 moons, 2 blue moons, and 2 lunar eclipses.

      I think that covers all of it.

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    • wrote: You're jail broken

      No, I am not jail broken. I just use my third island.

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    • Mine is a work in progress. I have some of my habitats there, and all of the roads are golden. Also I have placed a few fancy decorations here and there, and planted yellow trees to keep with the golden theme. Also, it is the island that I have Kairos on, since he seems to fit in with the epics although he is a Legendary. When I get more done I will send a screenshot, but it's gonna be a little while.

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    • My island has a large sun habitat with a solar eclipse, solstice, and a sun dragon in it, a large moon habitat with an equinox, lunar eclipse, and blue moon dragon in it, a treasure habitat with two platinum dragons, an empty Olympus habitat which will soon have a dragon placed in it, a seasonal habitat with a spring and summer dragon in there happily frolicking around, a large rainbow habitat with a Celtic and double rainbow dragon, another large rainbow habitat that is empty and soon to hold a rainbow dragon, and empty apocalypse dragon, and finally, it is on the second island which means it has the Perch of Kairos.

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    • Edit: Now my epic island is the same, but now I have three platinums, a gold, silver, and electrum dragon all in the same habitat, two gold olympuses, soon to be accompanied with a bronze Olympus, two rainbows, a double rainbow, and a seasonal. Basicly, everything is the same just with more dragons and habitats.

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    • My forth island has one Rainbow dragon in a Rainbow habitat, two (Three on the way) sun dragons in a large sun habitat, an Olympus habitat with an upcoming unknown Olympus dragon, one summer dragon in the Seasonal habitat, one gold dragon, one platnuim dragon, and one electrum dragon in a Treasure habitat. 

      I also have an Ouroboros dragon in the habitat that it goes to (Too lazy to spell it right) and a large moon habitat (without a moon dragon of course) 

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    • I managed to cram all shrines, the colloseum, the racetrack, and 1 of each epic habitat (except for the small versions of sun, moon, and rainbow) on my 2nd island. (with kairos)

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    • ive got a bronze olympus, an electrum, around 7 solcstices, 2 suns, 1 summer and 2 seasonals

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    • Why don't you just post pictures?

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    • I've got them spread out a bit

      island 1  two large rainbow + four giant fire; island 2 four giant metal; island 3 large sun & moon + four giant cold; island 4 two Olympus + four giant lightning; island 5 one Apocalypse + four giant water; island 6 two treasure + four giant earth; island 7 two seasonal + four giant air; island 8 four giant plant which leaves a 44th habitat that I haven't decided what to do with yet.

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    • Pinypinee wrote:
      Why don't you just post pictures?

      Kindle fire.

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    • Mine has 4 large sun habitats holding 2 suns and 10 solstices, two seasonal habitats, one holding 2 seasonals the other holding a summer (trying to get autumn), one treasure habitat holding an electrum and one olympus habitat holding a bronze olympus. my gemstone island has two rubies and a peridot each in different compartments.

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    • MrTurtle69 wrote:
      ive got a bronze olympus, an electrum, around 7 solcstices, 2 suns, 1 summer and 2 seasonals

      Update: I now have a Zombie Dragon too! (egg)

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    • Ive got a rainbow, prism, dawn, dusk, blue moon, midday, platinum, summer, snowy silver, snowflake: 2,3,4,5, cyclops aaaaaannnnd thats it.

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    • I Have:

      13 Apacalypse Dragons

      5 Bronze Olympus

      2 Gold Olympus

      1 Cyclopse

      1 Elysium

      1 Silver

      2 Sun

      1 Blue Moon

      1 Dawn

      1 Midday

      2 Double Rainbow

      2 Snowflake #2

      2 Snowflake #3

      1 Snowflake #4

      1 Snowflake #1

      2 Antarian

      2 Polarian


      1 Jet

      1 Amber

      Spread over 3 epic Islands, 2 fully upgraded galaxy islands, A fully Upgraded Perch of Kairos

      the relic of epics, a level 3 nursery, all for 750 gems

      Oh, and an unnamed snowflake on the way

      I'm level 34 and have been playing since 2011

      (the was a two year gap where i didn't play but that's not important)

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    • And I'm not a hacker or jailbroken!

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    • Oh and an Electrum dragon

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    • I have 2 epic islands: 1st one is rainbow theme and has one large apocalypse habitat with Apocalypse and Zombie dragon. Then I have a snowflake havitat with all Snowflakes but the first one. I also have 2 treasure habitats with platinum, gold, electrum and bronze. One large rainbow habitat with a rainbow and a prism dragon. And a crystalline habitat with Sanguinite dragon. Then i have the rainbow fountain and the 4th anniversary statue. 2nd one: sun theme with a large seasonal habitat containing a seasonal, a summer and a berry dragon. I have 2 large olympus habitats with all three snowys, bronze olympus and a cyclops. A large moon habitat with moon, blue moon and dusk. I also have a celestial habitat with sun, midday, dawn and pharoah.

      I have two galaxy islands(both lvl 4) with 3 antarian, 2 polarian and 2 procyon.

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    • Oh and i have Kairos and an amber, sapphire and opal.

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    • I have two islands of epics. The first has two rainbow habitats(3 rainbows, one prism), a sun and moon habitat(each with own dragon), meridiem(dawn, midday, dusk), two olympus(all three olympus, two snowies, and cyclops), crystalline(jasper), seasonal(leaf), snowflake(fifth). Second has large seasonal(spring summer autumn), apocalypse(apocalypse and omen), spooky(bone and nosferatu), and dream(muse and nightmare).

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    • I Have a Epics island in progress. I heve rainbow, sun,moon,and kiroas habittiats on it, but no actual dragons except a peepeer.

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    • I have Blue moon and moon in a moon habitat, a prism, aurora, leap year, celtic, two adult rainbows and one baby rainbow, all three olympus and snowies, a cyclops, jasper, dusk, dawn, midday(all on one island. I have two treasure habitats with electrum, silver, bronze, and platinum on one island with apocalypse and omen. Dazzling, snowflakes 4 and 5, verglace, ornamental, spring, summer, autumn, dream, nightmare, and muse on another, and a sun habitat with sun and solar escplise. Not to mention gemstone island, karios, and galaxy.

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