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    01:43, August 28, 2013

    hey why is there a new gemstone there are only 12 months each has ONE gemstone

    is there some sort of holiday for jade or somthing?

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    • We don't know why Jade was selected by BackFlip. It could be because it has a connection to Memorial Day, which is in May (in the US). It could be for no reason but that the developer likes gems.

      The original series of gemstones were birthstones. BFS has not indicated the connections of the new series.

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    • there is a semi-precious stone and a precious gemstone for each month. The semi one for may is the jade an the precious one for June is the alexzanderite

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    • P.S.

      the alexzanderite is the most expensive and rare gemstonem (yes, even more so than the diamond). Plus it changes color in natural and elecrtic light!

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