• Hi, Argy. I removed the commentary you left that was not related to the topic at hand (Admin, Wiki Mod, Chat Mod changes).

    I don't disagree that we can look at Rollback qualifications at some point. You would NOT believe the amount of work it takes to assess those, so I am all for finding something simpler! But, right now, we need to focus on these since we've stopped all nominations pending these updates. No one has requested rollback in quite a while, so I don't think we are really facing a big problem there.

    If you want to create a sandbox to work on a draft of the change, that would be great. We can get that in front of the community in the next few weeks if it gets drafted.


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    • That makes sense¬†:) Thanks for letting me know, too! I would be glad to write up a draft for rollback rights updates over the next couple weeks. As soon as I have it done, I will get it to you! I agree that we should finish up with the other positions now though¬†:)

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