• Howdy Argy! Here's a Dragon's Page full of Buttons for you! haha :) ~

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    • I like that a lot! To be honest, I envisioned something like that a couple months ago, but forgot to say anything to anyone about it...

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    • haha I know right. I proposed it because this way, we can actually update multiple pages at the same time. I made templates for each elements, so when we update it, both pages will be changed. Unfortunately it didn't pass the prelims.

      And I knoww you thought of that! lol, I still remember when you actually built the Uncommon Hybrids! I think you can develop more pages for le wiki :P ~

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    • I like that idea because of the templates updating multiple pages, like you said... I also really like the look of the basic and hybrid element page :)

      Lol, the day I made that I was so stressed because I was doing like two school assignments at the same time >_< I think I liked the result of the Uncommon Hybrids page when I constructed it over when I constructed the Opposite Hybrids page though :P

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    • thanks Argy! I think maybe next time I will try and propose the idea again.

      Wellll those major pages seem to ease the questions everyone keep asking about what Uncommon Dragons are, and why can't we breed opposite elements! ahaha I just hope those school assignments were still okayy despite time divides you had to make :P

      OOPS I got my first day of exams tomorrow and look at what I'm doing Lolol :D ~

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    • Sounds like a good idea :)

      I'm glad they do, because that was my hope when I created them :) the school assignments turned out alright, I think :P

      If you have exams, get to bed! Ahaha, good luck on them tomorrow too :D

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    • lolol okay okay then :P

      aight see ya around Argy! and thanks! I hope I get like 60... atleast tomorrow lolol Im that smart. ;) ~

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