• Hey! I've been off the wiki for a few weeks so I only just saw the pedestal pages you created on the 11th of December. Twelve of the pedestals weren't prizes in any event and aren't linked to by any pages, so I'm wondering why have those pages have been created? When a page isn't linked to anywhere on the wiki, it automatically gets added to Special:LonelyPages. I'm not sure it's written anywhere in the dv wiki guidelines or the MoS, but egg pedestal pages seem to only be created when they're an event prize and now the only pages in Special:LonelyPages are the ones created on the 11th.

    I was going to add them to decorationboxheader, but I need confirmation the pages are supposed to exist first. I'm not even sure if you would have the info to help me on this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    • Was trying to get all the limited pedestals as pages. I had thought the rift ones were limited but turns out they were permanent, oops.

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