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    18:09, July 29, 2018

    Hello fellow DragonVale Wiki active staff members.

    The r/dragonvale subreddit would like to become officially affiliated with the wiki.

    The following request was left on the main request forum:

    Tayzer wrote:

    Hello, I represent the r/dragonvale subreddit.

    I would contact me on the sub either as u/maydaytaytay or on discord @ Tayzers#5014

    The subreddit provides almost instant questions, answers and showcase of the community along with newish megathreads that show the information of the event as it happens live. Example here . The subreddit also has a conjoined Discord to share new information or to socialize and help newer players. The subreddit gratiously uses the wikias information all the time and wouldn't be anywhere without your guys help. currently the subreddit sits at 5,849 subscribers with usually 100 idling on the front page at all times of the day.

    Thank you for listening and I'm always open to feedback.

    If more than 50% of the active staff (administrators, wiki moderators, chat moderators, and rollbacks) participating in the forum agree to include the site, the site will be approved.

    This determination forum will remain open until the end of the day on July 14, 2018 (23:59:59 UTC).
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    • Support.

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    • Support

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    • Support. After an examination of posts on the main page moving thread it appears to align with the same type of helpful posts the wiki holds as well sometimes. Additionally, the policies outlined in their rules are similar and align with the wiki rules regarding treatment of others and spam.

      Congratulations r/dragonvale subreddit, 3 out of the 3 currently active DragonVale Wiki Staff support your request for affiliation. With 100% support you surpass the over 50% support guideline and we are now affiliated with each other.

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