• So the Dragon Checklist template kinda needs to be updated, as (I think) five new dragons have been added to it since it was last updated- Molten, Bog, Thicket, Decay, and Garden. Not sure if this is already being worked on, but I just wanted to make sure.

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    • I made a program that updates it automatically. It should be updated tomorrow. If not, someone with the program can update it.

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    • My Dragon list is waaaaaaay out of date. I have dozens not on the current list. How do I get them added?

      If I copy and paste the list like a new member will it keep all my changes or do I have to start from scratch?

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    • You can add a new dragon to your list by going into source mode and adding
      |Dragon Name = no/yes

      Although the main checklist can be automated, it's not possible to update everyone's pages which use the checklist. When a new dragon is added after you copied the list, you have to add them yourself or they will stay as "no." If you copy and paste the checklist in its current state, you will have all the new dragons, but all of them will be set as "no." You will have to mark "yes." For them all again.

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