• Hi Belle!

    I hope all is going well. I just wanted to let you know that I edited your comment on the Administrator Nominations thread to indicate that you would be providing the second required vouch since "The candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week" in addition to the initial nomination. 

    Best regards,


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    • Andy!!! Long time no chat!

      This topic has come up in other nominations. Bane stated that if the nomination is provided by someone other than the nominee then it counts as the first vouch. That is the accepted rule in many places. Does our procedure state otherwise?

      I edited the post again. 

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    • It's been a very long time! I'm sorry I missed you in the chat. I just downloaded DragonVale World and am looking to give it a shot. How's life?

      This is quite a confusing matter. The wording of the procedures and the history of past nominations seem to indicate otherwise. It states "Anyone can nominate someone as a candidate to become an administrator, but nominations will only be accepted for candidates who meet certain conditions" and "[t]he candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week." What Bane said was never documented, so I think we should look into clarifying the procedure especially since the history of past nominations had 1 nomination and 3 vouches.

      Let me know what you think. I left your edit as is for the time being until the matter is clarified. In any case, I'm pretty certain someone else will provide the last vouch within the 1 week (fingers crossed)!

      Update: Looks like Awesome received the third vouch he needed. As mentioned previously, we really should look into clarifying the wording of the procedure if need be. 

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    • Putting a person's name into nomination has always been considered the supreme act of vouching for a person. 

      The reason the procedures were written the way they were was to handle the case where an individual wanted to nominate themself. That is why it says "anyone" can nominate someone. Also, that is why the candidate needs 3 other users to vouch. It meant three other users besides the nominee. 

      Would you have us believe that if a person puts their own name into nomination, they only need 3 other people on the wiki to agree. However, if a person waits until they have been nominated by someone else, they essentially need 4 other people on the wiki to agree. 

      That is certainly not what I remember of the discussion when this was being decided. 

      I have no doubt that Mr Awesone will have many, many vouches. 

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    • From my understanding Lady Belle is correct, and if for some we are both mistaken the reasoning makes sense. Either way, the required amount for either interpretation is now met.

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    • I completely agree with you! If a user nominates someone other than theirself, I personally believe it should be counted as a vouch, but this was simply not the case in the past as seen throughout the history of the nomination threads. I quickly skimmed through the Administrator, Wiki Moderator, and Chat Moderator Nomination threads to see how it was handled previously and the general trend appeared to be 1 nomination and 3 vouches. 

      On a side note, I recall bringing this issue up in the chatroom quite some time back, but it wasn't deemed a pressing issue so I just let it slide. If someone would like to propose a simple clarification sentence to be applied to all three nomination threads, I would fully support it!

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    • I also thought what Belle said has been the intended way since the beginning of this nomination process. And as Belle pointed out, it would be unfair if it was considered otherwise ;) especially since it is usually preffered that a person gets nominated by someone else.

      I accidentaly saw this and thought I would add my two cents ;)

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    • Currently the rule is as follows:

      "The candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week. One of these users must be Wiki Moderator or Administrator."

      I do think this makes it sound like you need a nomination, and then three additional vouches, totaling to four. Perhaps we should clarify the nomination counts as the first vouch. Or something like "The candidate needs 3 users, including the nominator, to vouch ..." Unless the user nominates him or herself, then it does not count as the first vouch and you need 3 additional users.

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    • Perhaps this:

      The candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week. One of these users must be Wiki Moderator or Administrator. The nomination shall count as a vouch except in cases of self-nomination.

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    • I really like how you worded it Belle!

      What do you guys think?

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    • I agree.

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    • It sounds good to me. I'll go adjust the wording. Hopefully the slight rewording helps clarify the policy which has been followed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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