• Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if the admin and experienced editors think it would be a good idea to have a Dragon Stages/Dragon Levels page that details everything that changes with each growth. This would be especially useful now that Elder adds a lot of new features.

    Personally, I found it very difficult to locate information on the new elder dragons when I first logged in after the update. It seems like the info is spread across several pages including a very brief passage in the Dragons page that doesn't actually mention a lot of what they do. Most of the info I now know I have gleaned from comments and other people's trial and error. I think it would be far easier to have all the info in one place, with redirects to said page for search entries including Baby, Juvenile, Adult, and Elder Dragon. 

    Any thoughts?


    EDIT: I have begun construction of a draft Dragon Stages page, which can be found here: Dragon Stages.

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    • Hi Saurus,

      I agree with you that it is a bit difficult to find information about this. I really like your idea. I've been talking with one of the admins about an Elder Dragons page, but maybe it's better to have a page called "Dragon Stages" or something like that, like you suggest, and have redirects instead.

      Do you have any plans on how this page could look and what we should include?

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    • I think the core of the page should be a chart of levels 1-21 with brackets of the stage (levels that = baby, juvenile, etc.) and then a column of example pictures following one dragon (gotta be Fire for tradition's sake) with a summary of physical changes, a column of breeding odds, column of extra benefits (ability to breed at juvenile stage, counts towards shrines at 10 and 15, etc.). Also a column of what is required to reach that level. ie past 10 is only possible for epics with the Relic, past 20 is only possible for primaries. Plus some general notes about how the level of your park affects levelling, etc.

      Also, some notes about what every level brings, such as income increase, size increase, better chances of winning at the collosseum, etc. I have had friends start playing DV and not have any idea why they should even level up their dragons past 7!

      Details of orbs, crowns, and elder crowns could also be moved to this page if people think thats a good idea. The dragons page is getting very crowded!

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    • I've created a draft page with the table I had in mind. It's mostly just to illustrate my idea at this stage, but I didn't know if there was a way to draft a page that others could see, without making it live...

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    • I've deleted the page you created, and created a new page which can be found here: User:Inconspicuosaurus/Dragon Stages, with the same content.

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    • Thanks, NemiS. I'll continue editting it and if people agree we need it then I guess we can put a version of it live then.

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    • The page now has pictures, properly linked pages, and some extra notes and intro. :)

      Another note for if this page does go live is that it might be a good idea to put a note at the top of the Leveling Rewards page saying "This page refers to the rewards unlocked by your overall park level. For changes relating to dragon level, please see Dragon Stages." I can't tell you how many times I've been looking for a page like this and been like, "leveling rewards? that sounds like what I need," but the info I wanted was actually in a note buried somewhere in the Dragons page.

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    • A discussion has started on another message wall thread, but I think it's better to move the discussion here so you and other users who want to can join the discussion. 

      The following has been written by Bane Cane:

      A "Dragon Stages" page could be useful to some players.

      We could always link it on the Dragons page and the top navigation.

      I took a look at the sandbox User:Inconspicuosaurus/Dragon_Stages, and it looks like a nice start.

      I'm just not sure if it would be better as a table like in the sandbox or as individual sections explaining in list form and specifically explaining what happens to primary/hybrid, epics, and others (galaxy, gemstone, crystalline) at each level.

      Please continue the discussion here.

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    • Thank you for making the sandbox. I am wondering if it might have better aesthetics if the images are at the column to the most right and perhaps an orb or crown image is also included in the adult row. The only problem with that might be explaining why there is an example of an epic dragon as well. Perhaps that could be solved with a toggle or tabber though so the images can change.

      Just ideas, you don't have to try them out if you don't want to.

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    • I think it would be good to have individual sections for primary/hybrids, epics, galaxy, gemstone and crystalline.

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    • Yeah, if we have standardised pics of the Fire Dragon with its orb and crown then I will totally include those.

      I will see if I can make a toggle to change the images to an example epic (probs Rainbow for tradition's sake) in all stages. That way the star is shown too. 

      Maybe it would be simpler to make a toggle that changes the whole chart to Epic/Galaxy mode. It could show the different requirements then too. And maybe just move the explanation about what can't get past certain levels to a note.

      EDIT: I have included the orb and crown pics, and I really want to make the whole table toggleable so that I can show the different pics and recquirements for epics but I am stumped as to how to do so. Does anyone know? I've tried looking into the code the Dargons page uses, but it is blowing my mind @_@

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    • The orb and crown images look good in my opinion.

      I think easiest way is to put a tabber with "Primary/Hybrids", "Epics", "Gemstone/Crystalline/Galaxy" to break it up a little bit and for easy sorting.

      Of course we could put it in toggle but then we would need a template for each table instead of being able to include it all on the page.

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    • Yes, that is what I was thinking, but it's the actual making of a toggler that I don't know how to do lol. Would it be fairly easy to transfer the present table to a template and then create the editted one for Epics? How would I go about doing so?

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    • Interesting layout. I'm thinking the images on this page might be better at the far most right column though, and maybe we don't use the red lines since it might make some players think it only applies to the fire element.

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    • Aww, MrAwesome's looks way fancier than mine XD I like it!

      I think the information needs to be more expansive though, especially for Elder. So maybe we could have that table at the top, and a set of sections for each stage stating extra info as well?

      @Bane Cane: We could use the colours that BFS do in the Dragonarium for the Basic/Hybrid toggle and Epic toggle. 

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    • Updated.

      The thing that concerns me is that it is an awfully big table for just one dragon. I was thinking to set up a toggle for each stage, but for a page that is to include all the dragons, it probably would not work out too well.

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    • Looks good! I know it's just an example, but level10 dragons count towards silver shrines and level 15 to gold. As you have it it looks as though level 7s count to silver and 10 to gold.

      The idea is that there is just one table for basics and hybrids and one for epics/galaxy (maybe a third for gemstone/crystalline), with Fire simply as the example for basic/hybrid. All of the info for these three groups would be respectively identical.

      The only info that is different is earning rates and actual dragon design and these are already on their respective pages which I've linked to, so no need to redo the whole lot.

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    • I just tried something else in Awesome's sandbox right below his updated.

      It is a mix of his original table and the updated one.

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    • Yeah, I like the formatting you have there. If someone with better code knowledge than I can set up the toggling, I would be happy to go through and fill out the three tables like that and write some extra notes.

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    • We could always stack the tables for now and then put them in a tabber or toggle later once time is found to code them.

      I am able to but I don't have time right now to make the toggle code, but could do it later if it is still needed.

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    • How many toggles would be needed? One for each type of dragon?

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    • We want one table for basics/hybrids (the one we already have), one table for epics/galaxy, and one table for gemstone/crystalline, and the ability to have one table showing on the page and a link at the top of the table which will toggle it between the three. Similar to how the Dragons page's chart toggles bwteen basic/hybrid and epics.

      I unfortunately have to sleep now (almost 1am here), but I'll catch up on any progress tomorrow morning. If necessary I'll make a stacked version of the three tables then.

      Thanks for all your help and awesome ideas today guys.

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    • Template:DragonStageSwitch

      You can use it like
      | <basic/hybrid table>
      | <epic/galaxy table>
      | <gemstone table>
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    • Here is another suggestion.

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    • I do like how that looks, in terms of layout and toggling, but are we not infringing slightly on the point of the Dragons page if we have literally every dragon listed on this page as well? I thought the point was just to have an example of how the three groups are different.

      I was thinking just a toggle between Fire, Rainbow, Emerald as examples of their respective groups. And Kairos if we're doing Legendary, but tbh he has one stage, so why would he be on the Dragon Stages page? That can be explained in a note if anything.

      Also, how do I go about editting the templates that version uses? I don't know where to find them.

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    • How about, rather than a whole new page, we just add a "Differences" section on the Dragons page?

      Or, if we were to take a more radical approach, we could replace the design of the current Dragons page with Simen's example.

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    • I think it will be too much to add this to the Dragons page, but I think we could have a link to the "Dragon Stages" page on the Dragons page.

      Replacing the current design could also work.

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    • If it isn't a separate page it is too much to add to the Dragons page.

      It really should be its own page in my opinion.

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    • As someone who cares about aesthetics, along with the convenience of seeing all dragon stages at once, with the benefit and all that jazz. I say use a layout you already know, that is, the habitat layout. its efficient and it also tells you whether design element have changed or not. The only issue I see with this, is there or over 400 dragons, probably...So that would be a lot of tabs.

      I also like what's been said before, about a table and keeping it in a separate page. Maybe, we could condense the layout into more of a Dragonarium classification? Again the only issue is size, and its slightly worrying. Lastly, is there a page on the Legendary Asian Dragon? Pardon my lack of knowledge on the name. Last I checked I didn't see anything.

      EDIT: I REALLY care about aesthetics, its basically the entire reason I play DV.

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    • A FANDOM user
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