• I saw previously there was a forum you had made for site suggestions, but that is closed now, I guess, so I'll just ask here.

    I mostly use the site on mobile, and I have some ideas to make the site so much more faster and a lot less clunky on mobile devices, but as I'm both new to the wikia, and I haven't played around in making edits or coding in any wikia, I feel I should probably check with the current staff/main editors. I am a certified web designer now, and I prefer hard coding over other things like templates, so I do know what I'm doing, since I have no wikia experience to speak for itsself. However, I am flexible, and can work with whatever. Most of my ideas are quick and easy fixes, and won't change the current layout too much, but the mobile site would greatly benefit.

    I dont know who all are in charge, as I literally just made an account. I'm assuming you're one of them, by your sheer number of edits alone, so I hope you can help me out.

    Basically, I want to make this site better for everyone, so I hope I can work with you guys soon!

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    • Justin used to be an Admin here, but he has since moved on because of life and such.

      Bane is a good person to talk to about this. Andy is also another Admin on this wiki.

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    • good call auxome.  i, too, am a designer of the webs. the mobile wikia is terrible-loading and needs improvement!

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    • A FANDOM user
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